myFirst Tech unveils kid phones, drones and other tech toys for the next generation

Benerva Suarez
December 18, 2019

The number of people on the planet who grew up with technology is fast surpassing those who have not. When the world population crossed 7 billion, the number of people below 30 crossed the 50% mark. Companies like myFirst Tech that set out to transform children’s learning experience through advanced technology products are experiencing explosive growth. 

Statistics show that total technology spending worldwide from 2014 to 2019 has been on the rise. In 2018 alone, global tech spending reached $3.2 trillion dollars. A huge section of that went to the purchase of Tech products for children and teens.

“Reinvent the way kids learn”

Children not only grow up around technology, but it has become such a crucial part of their daily lives. Even schools have begun to adopt technology into their education process. Tech toys like kid drones have the potential to be used both at school and at home. 

As a father, entrepreneur, tech guy and the founder of myFirst Tech, the multiple roles that G-Jay Yong lives out have given him unique insight into the needs of a child who lives around parents that are constantly on their smartphones, tablets and other tech devices. 

“There were no tech products designed specifically for kids to enable essential social, problem-solving, and creative development skills. Kids want to emulate their parents when they see them using technology but adult tech isn’t suitable for them. The Tech IQ development of children is paramount nowadays. The passion to drive this essential development skill for children across the world is why I created myFirst Tech,” said Jay.

Among the growing list of cutting edge solutions, two innovative concepts have topped the list: myFirst Fone and myFirst Drone. myFirst is a collection of tech for kids and teens.

myFirst Fone

A fully functional WatchPhone for kids with 3G data and video or voice calls, distress signals for informing parents in case of trouble, and an advanced GPS locator to help parents to track their kids. With its closed social community features, myFirst Fone helps kids stay in touch with their friends, siblings and parents. 

myFirst Fone

myFirst Drone

Fun, ergonomic self-hovering, remote-less drone for kids. Enclosed propellers make it safe for little hands. Comes with an altitude sensor, allowing it to hover at a maximum height of 3 meters so it doesn't fly away! Augmented sensors and air bounce technology ensure stable flight, detect objects and avoid collisions! Direction of flight can be controlled with hand movements. Just toss it up and let the chase begin!

Founded in 2010, Oaxis is a product development company that has created groundbreaking innovations involving the creative and innovative use of technology.

myFirst Tech is a new collection of tech for kids and teens by Oaxis which focuses on bridging the void of electronic devices to provide parents with assurance, safety and engaging fun for their child. 

To raise global awareness around responsible children’s tech, Oaxis is making waves through myFirst Tech to ensure kids can have safe, healthy and adventurous fun with tech, while developing essential social, problem-solving, and creative development skills.

Exhibiting at CES2020 

As Oaxis myFirst Tech pushes forward into the US and Canadian markets, their exhibition at CES2020, supported by Enterprise Singapore, is a vital step in the right direction. Their big push will be for the myFirst Camera series, myFirst Fone series and their latest bone conductor headphones. Termed “The Global Stage for Innovation,” CES2020 is strategic for Oaxis to present their innovative ideas for tech products for kids and everyone else. 

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