[USA Startup News] Need to find a trusted babysitter? Try Nanno

Anthony Mosavi
May 20, 2019

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When families are looking for emergency childcare, they usually base their decision on a list of criteria. Parents prefer someone responsible and patient, with knowledge of child care and safety standards. Babysitters who are interviewing for jobs try to demonstrate to parents that they have the desired qualities.

The babysitter market in the US is huge. The annual survey report by Care.com presents an in-depth look at today’s demand for babysitters.

“Parents are rapidly paying more for a babysitter, and in 2016, the average hourly rate was $13.97,” said Joyce Hodel, an employee at Care.com. “What surprised us is that parents are also willing to pay even more in certain circumstances. They say they’ll pay extra to help them get through the busy hours before and after school; when they’re in need of a last-minute sitter; and for babysitters who have additional skills, education, and training. We’re recognizing this is a unique market, with parents recognizing that sitters have a huge responsibility and are providing a priceless service.”

Why a babysitter app?

Parents who are new to a neighborhood struggle to find the right babysitter for their children. Even the most reputed nanny agencies and emergency childcare centers sometimes fail to provide quality babysitters.

Enter Nanno – a free babysitter app that allows parents to log-in with their Facebook account to confirm their identity, and connect with sitters in an area.

The app is available across several cities in the US, and unlike with many emergency childcare apps, there’s no membership charge or surge pricing.

Whether it’s a high-traffic Saturday night or a weekday afternoon, the pricing remains constant ($20/hour for two children and $25/hour for four).

The company insists it carefully vets its caregivers, running criminal background checks and what they call a comprehensive social media account review.

Parents are also vetted, for the safety of the sitters, although the agency is vague on how.

Uber for Childcare

The company calls itself the Uber for Childcare, by connecting parents with babysitters in last-minute situations. The company claims that this functionality sets them apart from any other nanny agency or emergency childcare service.

Nanno was found by Liz Oertle and Desi McAdam in 2016. The company is based in Denver, Colorado, and serves numerous locations across the US.

Nanno will also be exhibiting at the Collision Conference this month. Collision is one of the major events dedicated to Fortune 500 companies and groundbreaking startups in North America.

The event is held in Toronto annually and attracts more than 25000 visitors from different parts of the world. The event is an ideal platform for new companies to showcase their innovations and latest discoveries to explain how they’re making a difference in the world.

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