[Latest Information Technology News] Orii: The Smart Ring Using Bone Conduction Technology To Become Your Personal Assistant

Chien Lee
January 2, 2019

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We’ve all wondered how nice it would be to have an assistant, present at all hours, to help us with the stressful obligations of our everyday lives. From backlogs of texts, emails, and phone calls to respond to, to work documents to read, it can often seem like an insurmountable task to complete everything we must do in a day without help. But at the same time, while there’s  often so little time in a day to get the work we have to done, there’s also a large amount of wasted time that simply is underutilized. Activities unrelated to work that we do not enjoy, such as our daily commutes, lunch breaks, and exercise routines, eat up a substantial amount of our time. To maximize the time we underutilize daily, we often resort to irresponsible and ineffective practices, such as texting while driving, reading while walking, and even mailing while on the treadmill. But what if there was a way for one device to help you multitask efficiently and quickly complete many of your daily duties? With HongKong Based Startup OrigamiLabs’ new revolutionary product ORII, this device is now a reality.

ORII is a screen free, voice powered smart ring. What was initially a concept for visually impaired individuals, inspired by CEO KevinWong's father Peter, is now a device that is suitable for those who prefer to communicate while on the move. With ORII, you can text, email, make phone calls, set reminders, get navigation while driving, create a calendar, set alarms and timers, track flights, make reservations, get news updates, get definitions, and can even translate languages. It is effectively a consolidated mobile assistant that you can safely use at all times in any setting.

Using ORII is easy. For starters, you need to connect it to your phone's Bluetooth. Then you simply customize your notification settings, and suddenly a mobile assistant is, literally, right at your fingertips. To access your assistant, you tap the button on the side of the device, put your finger to your ear, and listen to ORII’s voice. To convey your requests and commands you can speak into the device and it transmits your voice clearly across to your assistant even in loud environments.

Available in four shades that suits a broad range of clothing, this innovative device is the first of its kind. Though there are smart devices that strive to make communication easier, ORII is the world’s first fully-encompassing virtual assistant that is designed to be usable in any environment, and right at your fingertips. Armed with the revolutionary technology of bone conduction that is used in medical grade hearing aids, ORII transmits audio through vibrations that pass through your finger to your inner ear. This unique noise cancellation feature enables maximum audio clarity regardless of the external environment, while making the device easy-to-use.

Additionally, ORII uses high-grade industrial materials suitable for the wear and tear of everyday life. The smart ring is splash proof. While not fully waterproof, you can easily wash your hands without having to worry about damaging the device. ORII’s minimalistic design and add-ons also to be easily adjustable to each and every finger.

With ORII, having an assistant to help you with your workload is no longer only for the wealthy. Anyone can now enjoy the convenience of a portable assistant in a covert device fit for a secret agent.

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