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Chien Lee
January 3, 2019

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Haven’t you ever felt that you missed a crucial moment and lost it forever? Well, Dutch Roader has solved this problem.Their innovative and wearable Time Machine Camera easily capture footage of 10 seconds ago and enables you to capture every important moment in your life. The founder of this camera said, “The time machine is something that really inspires people," and this was the inspiration behind the product.”

How it works

While wearing the camera, it buffers all the footage it sees, but to prevent data overload, Roader deletes everything it has seen after 10seconds, and only saves the past 10 seconds of footage when you press the shutter button. The video is then transferred automatically from the TimeMachine camera to your phone through Bluetooth, and connects to the Roader app where you can save, watch, customize, and share your video, as well as upgrade it to HD quality.

How it is used

The Roader Time Machine camera can be used as a personal device for daily use to protect your memories. It is easily portable and wearable, making it easy to use anywhere.

Roader can also be used as an artistic recording device to make great videos. The Roader camera allows you to capture high quality HD footage that can be downloaded and edited within the Roader application to create sensational footage that includes every great moment.

The Time Machine camera can also be used as a Dash Cam, withRoader’s Car Dock. The camera enables you to record important events on the road in real-time without missing the important beginning parts of them as a traditional camera would.

How it improves your life

The Roader camera helps you to capture the important, split-second, unforgettable moments that matter the most. From your baby's first steps to a funny family moment, Roader helps you capture the short and unexpected moments that can be incredibly meaningful. Also, as it easily connects to your smartphone, unlike a traditional camera it enables you to share them easily with your family, relatives, and friends. These moments also are important to capture for artists, as incredible split-second footage can often make an artistic masterpiece. With Roader, artists never have to miss recording an incredible moment, and are empowered with a tool that can enable them to create masterpieces.

The Roader Time Machine camera also protects you from accidents and records what actually happened. Whether it is your fault or someone else's, the camera allows you to record accidents that have occurred within its field of view. And unlike a traditional camera, Roader enables you to capture the entirety of the accident without constantly recording, which wastes immense amounts of storage. Roader can be hugely important when you are needed to explain the events of an accident, as it's difficult to counter hard evidence such as a video with word of mouth.

Lastly, the Roader camera gives you your eyes back. If you are at a concert, or on a trip, or at a family gathering, you won’t need to obsess over taking videos of every little thing. It gives you peace of mind by assuring you that you will never miss an important recording, and it allows you to live in the moment without being tethered to your camera.

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