[Tech Startup News] Robot to Love: Lovot

Benerva Suarez
January 14, 2020

Every one of us must have wished to own a pet-robot like WALL-E, which could follow us around, play with us, and understand our emotions. But it always seemed like a far cry due to the massive gap between science-fiction stories and the available technology.

However, with the recent strides in artificial intelligence and robotics technology, mankind has gone a step closer to the science-fiction by creating intelligent systems that behave and react like human beings.

Enter Lovot – a cute and intelligent pet-robot by Japanese startup Groove X that will make anyone fall in love with it. Lovot is once again the star of the show at this year's CES event.

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Not an average robot

With a teddy bear-like design, Lovot’s large adorable eyes and soft comforting exterior makes it an essential cuddle-buddy for everyone. What’s more? It even mimics a real-life pet; dances when it is happy and sulks when feeling alone. In addition, it can be picked up, cuddled and made to fall asleep. 

Besides all the charming appearance it has, the Lovot is a hi-tech device that makes it a thing from the future. Underneath its cute exterior, the Lovot is equipped with pressure sensors that react to touch, depth sensors that help to navigate, a hemispherical camera to click photos, and a microphone to take voice commands.

Upon lifting, the Lovot retracts its wheels inside the body. Its outer texture is entirely made up of soft cloth, which can be easily changed from time to time. On a single charge, the Lovot can operate for a period of 45 minutes, after which it automatically moves to its ‘nest’ for charging. 

Cute yet smart

The Lovot uses facial recognition algorithms to identify the owner and other known faces. When tickled, it will also laugh and show contentment upon hugged or cuddled. When the Lovot wants to be pampered, it will wave its arms in the air, and might even follow the owner around the house for attention.

“We aimed to develop a robot that won’t do any of your work. In fact, it might just stop you from doing it,” said Hayashi, the founder of Groove X Inc. “Everything about Lovot is to specifically create a sense of attachment.”

Although the Lovot doesn’t speak, it creates different kinds of sounds to convey its message. Its eyes are made up of six different graphical layers that resemble involuntary eye movements. 

Made for those who need love

Lovot is specifically designed for people who miss affection in their lives. It will nurture an individual’s capacity to love. Much like the pets, the Lovot shows different degrees of attachment to different people depending on the affection it gets. 

Groove X believes that the cuddly-robot can be an ideal fit for families who want to own a pet but don’t have the time to take care of an actual animal. Because it rightly provides the experience of owning a pet without actually owning one!

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