Rogy 360: Key to A Booming Livestream Market

SparkAmpLab Editorial Team
September 17, 2021

With more and more of our work transitioning online, 2D video experiences just don’t cut it anymore – customers are now looking for the highest degree of technology, which can render a more realistic and personal video experience. 

This is why dp smart technology is revolutionizing the video industry, with their 3D 360° image capturing device, the Rogy360° 6-lens Panoramic Live Streaming Camera.

The Technology

Rogy (Return to Glory) is the company’s star product, a “six-lens panoramic live video camera” that can capture video live through a 360° perspective in real time. 

One of the core advantages of the camera is that its recordings can be uploaded to social networks immediately enabled by its open SDK/API technology, with no need for other apps or computers. The device facilitates the editing process by allowing  in-camera stitching of video clips. Aside from its user-friendliness, it also utilizes key hardware chips from Taiwan’s leading chip manufacturer Aspeed Technology. 

A growing market 

As livestreaming is more popular than ever - with the industry predicted to reach 70 billion dollars in 2021 - phone cameras become more restricting. Rogy aims to fix this by providing a 360 view that allows the user to choose their perspective. 

By targeting the “live streaming niche market”, and with the technology’s open SDK/API, which facilitates social media sharing, the product has remained a popular choice for livestreamers since its launch. 

The product’s versatility 

The technology can be used in many different circumstances. If a user wanted to, for example, capture scenery, they could equip the Rogy and capture the moment in a live stream, and a watcher could have a full view of the scenery and its surroundings. 

This is why the technology is suitable for tourism and hospitality sectors, as well as training for areas like medicine. Kevin Chiang, the company’s CEO, lists other possible sectors, such as ‘on-site’ watching of sports and concerts and even tours and exhibitions. These 360 livestream experiences are also bound to be more popular with the rise of AR/VR. 

As for the company’s sales marketing strategy, Chiang shares that they are aiming to provide fair prices for their customers, by focusing on a D2C approach. Furthermore, with the on-going pandemic, the company has been focusing on their e-commerce business model to acquire new customers. 

What’s in the horizon

By late 2022, the company hopes to have fully developed the newer flagship model Rogy Pro. The company’s RogyLive (Live Streaming) platform is also under development, aiming to be launched in 2022 with subscription based monthly fee. Chiang predicts a fruitful future for the company, thanks  to his and his team’s perseverance and the growing market for live streaming video experiences.

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