[Startup News] Meet Seed: An AI-driven MMO Game You Can't Miss

SparkAmpLab Editorial Team
October 15, 2020

The gaming industry is vibrant. Many established gaming studios and independent developers across the globe work in synergy on some of the most enthralling gaming projects.

The magnitude of innovation has been immense and has raised the roof of popularity for battle royale, FPS, and massively multiplayer online (MMO) games. 

Klang Games, a gaming startup emerging from Germany, aims to explore the future of humanity through different forms of media. The gaming studio is currently developing Seed, a virtual world simulation that will be revolutionary in the MMO landscape.

Gaming for the good

Video games have always been a place to experiment what it means to be a human being. No other medium allows us the same level of interaction with the possibilities of existence as video games do. 

By integrating thematic expression in game design, developers are aiming for mass-market appeal through meaningful and emotionally charged video games.

Games like Seed offer a voyage across an exoplanet full of life forms, habitats, and unpredictable weather conditions, where players can work together to harness resources and explore new lands. 

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The game is based on SpatialOS, a platform that uses a large network of continuously running servers to run vast expansions of virtual worlds.

AI-based character development

Recent advances in the field of AI have raised questions as to how game designers and researchers can utilize the technology available in experimental labs and turn them into playable products. 

The progress garnered in the field of computer vision, AI-driven cars, and sophisticated robotics hasn’t been adopted by the gaming industry as yet. However the scope is huge, and as game developers gain access to more AI-driven tools and technology, more immersive and intelligent games can be created. 

Making its path into the scene, Seed will be heavily AI-driven, and players will be tasked to oversee the lives of artificially controlled intelligent in-game characters, each having their own needs and desires. Their behavior will continue to evolve even after the players have signed out of the game.

Continuing development

Klang Games recently raised $8.95 million in funding Seed’s development, bringing the total funding received by the project to $13.95 million. The funding round was led by Northzone, the venture capital firm behind iZettle, Avito, and Spotify.

It was also supported by Lego Ventures, and existing investors including Neoteny, Makers Fund, Firstminute Capital, and New Life Ventures.

Klang Gaming CEO Mundi Vondi mentioned that the continued support they get for a project that can shape up the next generation of social simulations is a heart-warming experience.

As for Northzone, Klang Gaming ticks all the boxes as a serious prospect for an early-stage investor – singular vision, expert team, and a great early version of the game. "We are delighted to be their partners in this incredible project," said Northzone partner Paul Murphy.

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