[Business Startup News] Settled: The British Startup That’ll Replace Your Real Estate Agent

Anthony Mosavi
April 23, 2019

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Despite rapid innovations in technology that have disrupted the operations of practically every industry known to man, one industry has remain fairly unaffected: the industry of real estate. Although sites like Redfin and Zillow have made property information accessible to everyone, transactions are still sourced and executed the same way they were 50 years ago — through costly agents. Proptech startup Settled is changing that. Instead of having in-person agents that handhold you laboriously through the property finding process and charge substantial commissions for doing so, through digital tools and the internet, Settled prepares your property for the market more effectively and at a very low flat rate.

A Settled Way of Doing Things

Under the banner of the “Settled Path”, this new tech start-up company aims to simplify the entire home-buying and selling process, and in doing so have given the property market the boost that it finally needs. Many customers have lost faith in a market that seems to be weighed against them, but Settled is seeking to redress this by helping clients to sell their
house fast.

Much of the process starts with an honest property valuation, and with Settled, this is carried out by a market expert, ensuring that your property goes onto the market with a realistic value on it. And if your Property valuation is set at a level consistent with similar properties in your area, then you are more likely to not only get your asking price, but you will sell it faster too.

Since traditional house estate agents rely mainly on labor, property information often is mismanaged or managed with a lack of organization. But Settled digitally stores and organizes information and details pertinent to your property, which can help both the owners and potential purchasers get the information they need to complete the transaction. Settled isn’t for people who need the emotional handholding of an on-staff agent. But, for the average buyer that simply wants to get their property sold as cheaply and effectively as
possible, Settled optimizes the process.

From valuation and negotiation to viewing management, listing photography, floor-plans, and moving, Settled provides the client the online tools and in person and digital support that they need to successfully navigate the home selling process. The website is clear and easy to navigate, having distinct menus for buyers and sellers, and includes a dedicated page that shows exactly what is included on your Settled path and a log in that lets you go to your own page and manage your online experience.

Settled may not be for the seller that can’t access the internet and needs the handholding of an agent. But Settled has recognized a real flaw in the real estate industry: it hasn’t adapted to the times. The tasks of an agent can simply be cut out, and executed digitally for a drastically lower price. The 3-6% commission traditional of an agent is no more; with Settled, a flat fee of £499 is charged for the entire listing process, with the addition of a nominal remainder fee that is personalized to you and your home.

As a startup, Settled is developing right before our eyes into the Snapchat, Google, or Facebook of the real estate industry. And it’s about time.

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