[Startup News] Show4me Lightens the Burden for Musicians Amid COVID-19

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April 7, 2020

The music industry has a savior. A savior that is set to propel everyone in the industry to new heights. According to comprehensive market research from 2014 by Next Big Sound, 90.7% of artists are never discovered. Show4me Music Interaction Network is here to change that with a comprehension set of tools.

And in this time of COVID-19 restrictions, Show4me is making it possible for artists to continue hosting concerts and not losing income.

The Show4me offering

Show4me is an “interaction network” for all things music. It brings together music artists, industry professionals and music lovers to enjoy music and make money from it.

The network offers a mix of tools that makes it possible for artists to set up a sustainable music business. That includes 1) crowdfunding for launching music concerts, 2) gigs and shows; selling tickets; 3) music sales; 4) direct-to-fan interaction 5) a fan subscription of $1 per year per artist.

“By presenting this model to the market, Show4me aims to bring back the value of music as an art form, which has been debased in the past few years”, said Karen Chiftalaryan, founder and CEO of Show4me, at the launch in Cannes.

COVID-19 efforts

Show4me has been quick to come to the aid of musicians in this time of crisis where social gatherings are prohibited. Instead, with the help of a new functionality, fans can now attend online concerts and shows from their homes.

Show4me enables music professionals to sell tickets to their online shows so they can continue to earn income during the pandemic. The company also foregoes its own fees for as long as the crisis lasts.

This gesture from Show4me lets musicians fan-fund their online shows and host them in their Artist clubs on Show4me. Musicians can create their own Artist club for free. An Artist Club benefits both artists and fans. Artists can share news about upcoming concerts, sell tickets or music and fans get full access to the artist’s music, hear news immediately and gain access to live events.

Image source: Show4me

The network is free to use, but normally musicians pay Show4me a fee related to the profits they make via the platform. However, as long as the health crisis lasts musicians will receive their own profit plus Show4me fees.

 “We sincerely hope the pandemic will end soon. And while we cannot help defeat the virus, we find ourselves in a position to make our contribution to helping musicians and their teams. In the music business, thousands have lost gigs and other sources of income due to the crisis,” said Karen in a statement. [

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Opportunity provider

If you know anything about the music industry, you will know what an uphill battle it is for most artists to have a successful career. First, it’s a struggle to get your name out there for longer than the five minutes a social media hype lasts, then it’s a battle to get financial support to get started. 

Image source: Show4me

The goal of Show4me is to level the playing field for all musicians. The vision is that through close interaction between artists and their fans in the Artist Clubs, artists can expand their fan base and fans will have the power to propel the career of an artist or group that they admire. 

Crowdfunding concerts

One eternal problem for lesser-known music artists is to organize a music concert, since venues are not prepared to take a chance on them. Show4me has come up with a way to do away with this objection. Fans can pre-book tickets on the platform and when a certain target amount has been reached, it’s a go for the concert organizers because the funds are there. Promoters also have a better idea of how many people will attend and don’t have to commit to concerts which might not be well attended.

Image source: Show4me

More than just music platforms

In the music startup scene, Show4me seems to be in a league of its own. It is not the only music platform for artists out there, but it is the most comprehensive by far. It does more than allowing artists to upload their work and share it with fans. The platform brings everything together for artists and fans in one place. They don’t have to use Eventbrite to sell and buy tickets, or Indiegogo to fund a concert and then to Facebook to interact with each other. Everything happens on Show4me.

The strategy seems to work for the company. Show4me was officially launched on June 4, 2019 at the Midem B2B international music event in Cannes, France and by April 2020 more than 10,000 musicians and music industry professionals have already signed up to the network.

Show4me is owned and operated by the UK-based company WeFuture Ltd, which was founded in 2015 and has raised $13.4 in funding. 

Until now technology has not been kind to the music industry. It has led to piracy and illegal streaming on a large scale costing creatives millions in earnings and preventing talented artists from making a decent living from their art. Show4me is about to change that by putting artists and fans in direct contact with each other. This will lead to greater numbers of megastars in the future than we have seen up to now.

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