7 Smart Devices That Will Change Your Life

Anthony Mosavi
May 14, 2019

Smart devices are the hottest trend in consumer electronics. From Samsung to Sony to Casio, every major corporation is entering the market. Although tech conglomerates dominate, startups driven by inspiration are applying smart technology in creative and surprising ways. In the smart tech space, startups are the innovators.

Here are 7 devices that are changing the game.

Flo by MOEN - Smart water leak prevention system

98% of basements are bound to experience water damage during their lifetime. Why? Because pipes are an extremely flawed mechanism to deliver water. Leaks are common, hard to spot, and often exceedingly difficult to fix. Flo, with its Water Damage and Leak Prevention system, is here to change that. Its smart system, which is installed on the house’s main water line, uses a variety of advanced sensors to detect water leaks as small as a drop per minute. It runs health diagnostic tests on your house and sends alerts and notifications to your phone daily. According to Flo Founder Gabriel Halimi, “Flo enables you to take a proactive approach to your water management, notifying you of possible leaks at the first instance. In fact, 60% of homeowners who installed Flo immediately discovered a leak that they weren't aware of."

Full article > Flo: The Startup Enabling Property Owners to Stop Leaks and Prevent Water Damage

The MBox by Meersens - The guardian of your health

Due to factors such as corporate pollution and inadequate governmental regulation, our environments constantly are changing. We are often exposed to toxic chemicals without even knowing it. The MBox, which is a smart device by Meersens, allows you to assess your environment for potential harmful pollutants such as pesticides, lead, microwaves, UV radiation, etc within seconds. The Mbox enables us to make our environments safer before irreversible harm is done to our bodies.  Using a variety of sensors, the MBox monitors our homes, workplaces, schools, and environments, and connects to smartphones and devices to send alerts about potentially harmful changes.

Full article > Meersens: The French Startup Allowing You To Scan Your Environment For Health Threats

Orii - A smart ring that could be your personal assistant

Assistants make lives much easier, but they are expensive and their convenience is only available to people with means. With Orii, CEO Kevin Wong’s new smart ring, the benefits of an assistant are affordable and accessible for everyday people. ORII is a screen free, voice powered smart ring that acts as a mobile assistant. When connected to your phone’s bluetooth, it allows you to discreetly and easily text, email, make phone calls, set reminders, get navigation while driving, create a calendar, set alarms and timers, track flights, make reservations, get news updates, get definitions, and much more. It even translates languages in real time.

Full article > Orii: The Smart Ring Using Bone Conduction Technology To Become Your Personal Assistant

Livin - Smart shower

Ever feel guilty taking a long, indulgent shower? Well, with the new Livin Smart Shower, now you don’t have to. The Livin Smart Shower provides a number of functions to help you save water in ways that don’t compromise your shower experience, and helps enhance your shower with customization. It allows you to pause your shower when you soap up with a single tap, while preserving your preferred temperature for when you resume. Additionally, it allows you to create up to 10 user profiles, which are personalized to each individual’s desired temperature and shower settings. This feature saves your time and water, as it enables your shower to instantly reach your desired temperature without letting water run. It also monitors your water usage, provides metrics, and enables you to set countdowns.

To improve the shower experience, Livin also enables smart-device connectivity. You can voice control your shower by connecting it to a smart speaker, and you can listen to music, access the internet, and enjoy your showers to the fullest.

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Miranda - AI smart home assistant

Although Smart IOT Labs’ advanced AI-driven assistant Miranda hasn’t quite hit the market yet, its features are truly groundbreaking. Unlike other virtual home and workplace assistants which simply respond to commands, Miranda’s the first fully proactive smart home platform. Using artificial intelligence, Miranda anticipates the needs of a given user and acts autonomously to adjust the user’s environment to his or her needs. Miranda’s also fully private, and works without an internet connection to ensure that your personal information and data isn’t being stored on a cloud server, exposed, or sold. It’ll also work with household smart speakers, and integrates non-connected appliances and household devices into its reference frame.

Full article > Tech Firm Smart IoT Labs Takes Your Home Virtual Assistant to the Next Level

Ara - Smarter dental care for all

Dental procedures are expensive and often result from a lack of proper care. Why not combat the problem before it shows up? That’s the philosophy behind Ara, Kolibree’s pioneering smart toothbrush. Ara uses 3D sensors, accelerometers, gyroscope and magnetometer to track your brushing habits. Every aspect of your brushing, from speed to rotation to direction is picked up by the sensors and synced with the Kolibree App via Bluetooth. With the app’s feedback, you never miss spots and can clean every tooth comprehensively. Ara also uses a unique patented sonic technology to remove plaque and protect from cavities. In fact, research shows that Ara is two times more efficient at removing plaque in children compared to a regular electric toothbrush.

Full article > Ara from Kolibree: A Smart and Simple Way to Better Dental Care

Tend - A smart camera that keeps your families safe

We want to keep our families safe, right? But security cameras are bulky, expensive, unresponsive, difficult to maintain, and aren’t user-friendly. The Smart Solar Camera from Tend is different. It isn’t just a passive bystander that records, rather, it uses facial recognition to allow family members to check in, and sends notifications of their arrival to your phone. It also is extremely user-friendly, as it is usable via hands-free control through Google’s Smart Assistant Technology. Tend’s solar power allows it to remain active through power outages, and keeps your family safe at all times.

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