[Latest Startup News] Solustar: Modern-day Commercial Robots Aimed to Make Businesses Efficient

Anthony Mosavi
December 18, 2019

The rapid rise in technologies such as machine learning and automation has led to the steady growth of robots. From performing menial household tasks to working in an assembly line, robots are doing it all. A recent analysis revealed that the e-commerce giant Amazon cut down its operating expenses by more than 20% through employing collaborative robots. There has also been a steady increase in robot sales, highlighting the fact that several industries are now employing robots across all fronts.

Offering both customizable and service delivery robots, Solustar is a multi-disciplinary technology company making enterprise-grade applications for businesses. Initially founded as a software company, Solustar later stepped into the realm of robotics and augmented reality (AR) after a successful run providing daily operating systems to various businesses.

Robot applications in modern-day life

While humans are known for their creativity and ingenuity, which robots are unlikely to replicate soon, robots in many ways are capable of outdoing humans in mundane and repetitive jobs. Be it an intricate assembly line works with zero margin for error or a simple task of serving food and drinks to customers in a restaurant, robots can be extremely reliable and help drive down the overall operating costs as well.

Several nations across the world including the United Kingdom, China, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and so on have started employing commercial robots in fields such as hospitals, medical centers, farms, food preparation, factory floors, in the military, and retail store fronts. In 2017, there were 74 commercial robots for every 10,000 manufacturing workers on average in the world. It is worth noting that Asian countries such as Singapore, South Korea, and Japan are miles ahead in terms of robot-density when compared to their counterparts in the US and Europe.

Solustar: A new-age robotics company

“Since a young age, robots interest me as a toy. They can be a very useful companion, doing all the boring and mundane work in place of humans. With the low population growth and leaps in technology combined with advancement in speech and deep technology will witness the rise of robots in many aspects of human life,” said Louis Loo, CEO & founder of Solustar. 

Unlike conventional robotics companies offering industry-specific commercial robots, Solustar offers tailor-made bespoke robots for various needs. Referred to as solubots, Solustar’s robots Val II and Eddie offer a myriad of features suitable for most business needs. 

The commercial robot Val II is capable of performing a wide range of tasks such as providing answers to questions through voice, providing directions, autonomous navigation, telepresence, printing badges and maps, and collecting feedback. Solustar says that its robots also offer features such as facial recognition for improved security.

The social interactive robot Val II is about 1.6-metre-tall and looks appealing too, making it the right fit for customer-facing environments.

Here’s a simple application of a commercial robot such as Val II: Let’s suppose we order for a security surveillance robot. The Val II is then custom-made to recognize authorized people and provide them access to a certain area. Added features such as voice and the ability to communicate in languages such as Mandarin, English, and Malay is an extra advantage

According to Solustar, Val II will be fine-tuned to serve users across industries such as hospitality, shopping malls, airports, human resources, retail stores, banks, indoor security surveillance, sales and dispensing of items such as sim cards and so on.

Furthermore, the Val II commercial robot is designed to function as a stand-alone transaction robot that can carry out various transactions such as the purchase of cell phones, sim cards, and so on. 

Future prospects for Solustar

As the world now moving in the direction of embracing automation to lower operation costs and improve precision, companies offering customisable commercial robots will see a rapid demand. Between 2015-2018 alone, the estimated sales value of robotics is worth nearly $12 billion, meaning that the coming decade will see greater adaptability towards robot application. The unprecedented growth of robotics can be directly tied to the difficulty in finding reliable and efficient manpower.

With the capability to work in multiple industries and serve the needs of a wide range of customers, Solustar’s robots might be the next best addition to the business world. The company will be exhibiting at the upcoming CES 2020, with support from Enterprise Singapore, opening gates to sales across America, potential investment opportunities and business partnerships.

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