[Startup News] An Intelligent SaaS AI-powered Platform Unleashes Brand's Prospective Media Exposure

Illena Yu
May 6, 2019

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The greatest concern for any startup is getting users. With limited resources and funding, startups need influencers and the media to get their message to the world. Press Coverage and digital PR exposure is a crucial part of this process, but it is often difficult to obtain.

SparkAmplify, one of the world's leading AI-driven media outreach software services, will present an innovative technology to simplify the communication between business brands and the media.  The digital PR company, which is exhibiting at Collision 2019 in Toronto, Canada,  offers smart media planning tools that can be used to target journalists and earn media coverage for any brand. The SparkAmplify-AI Platform connects startups and companies to the influencers and media contacts that best suit their needs.

Leading Media Outreach and Influencer Engagement

The Taipei and Los Angeles-based company has created a full featured SAAS tool for building media relationships quickly and efficiently that specializes in planning and engagement. Its groundbreaking platform will enable marketers to gain more media attention and precisely reach their target sector, resulting in growth and business opportunities. The platform has a smart recommendation system that offers businesses the best matches of journalists in their niche. The platform takes certain keywords and brand industry attributes, and uses them to create business recommendations.‍

AI-recommended media influencers

Innovative Media Outreach and Digital PR Technology

The platform allows marketers to identify their main storytellers. "We would like to make it easier for brands to communicate with media, to remove all traditional obstructions and create sustainable, effective connections," says Chien Lee, founder and Chief Data Scientist at SparkAmplify. The data-driven Media Planning SaaS Platform claims its automatic learning models analyze more than 1 million news articles from over 80,000 media influencers to point you at the right moment with the highest possible number of journalists for your niche.

"We would like to make it easier for brands to communicate with media, to remove all traditional obstructions and create sustainable, effective connections." - Chien Lee, Founder of SparkAmplify

Highly Targeted PR and Brand Media Outreach Exposure

Established in 2016, the SparkAmplify team is a team of passionate specialists, designers, engineers, and marketers who want to transform and modernize digital PR marketing through Artificial Intelligence.

Using SparkAmplify's intelligent media outreach platform, any business can browse through a journalist's profile and their best articles with analyzed data insights such as social shares, beats, and even article keywords all in one place. SparkAmplify’s also integrates email sending services so brands can directly send pitch media to the targeted media influencers on the platform. Their analytics dashboard also provides the data and insight necessary to enable brands to improve their media outreach process.

By arming their users with the information, analytics, and insight they need, SparkAmplify is able to streamline the media outreach process. Instead of spending time researching where to pitch and place your stories, more time can be spent crafting them. ‍


The data-driven tools of SparkAmplify are new in the digital PR industry, addressing probably the most demanding media outreach aspect: building media influencer relationships.

The results let startups and companies better connect to the right people and the best journalists in their niche by simply telling their story.

On the other hand, the information generated by the AI-powered tool of SparkAmplify helps digital PR professionals better understand their target audience and supports strategic communication and media planning development.

With SparkAmplify, no one needs to pay high PR agency costs for influential media outreach. SparkAmplify is here to help any startup and company identify their best performing influencers and secure the most suitable target audience for their brand and product launch.

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