Startup Reaches New Heights With Drone Technology

Illena Yu
September 19, 2019

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In spite of growing concerns of safety, privacy, and security, drone technology continues to develop. Critical AI integration allows for greater creative uses that go beyond toys to being an unavoidable component of numerous industries. Due to the wonderful benefits, the technology continues to expand into more industries and sales continue to grow.

Drones are here to stay!

Industrial drones are at the forefront of leading us further in several significant trades. There are great strides taking place in development and access for industries, such as agriculture, construction, insurance, mining, public safety, oil and gas, survey engineering, utilities, and telecommunications. 

The market for commercial drones continues to expand while the interest in model drones slows down. According to estimates from the United States FAA, the drone market will continue to grow. In fact, by 2023, it is expected to triple in size. By that time, there will be about 823,000 drones flying the skies to do various tasks. According to that same report, the growth has already exceeded the estimates for the year 2022.

Drone technology helps reduce human risks and gives greater access to critical industries like agriculture. Farmers are shielded from the negative effects of overexposure to pesticides, but these drones do much more. They provide thermal imaging using multi-spectral sensors to provide farmers a crucial picture of how their crops fare. These sensors also enable farmers to provide needed water, fertilizers, or pesticides specifically to areas where they are needed. Traditionally, they would apply the treatment to the entire field. 

Aeroprobing has proven to be a bold and important player among startups in Asia. Their meticulous research and development come from a strong Asian work ethic and attention to detail. They’ve made significant strides as a company in the last few years. 

Aeroprobing Inc. founded in June 2015, continues to gain interest from investors. As an investment worth their time and money, they’ve attracted funds from various companies and the Executive Yuan National Development Fund.

Strategic alliances

Recently, Japan Blue Innovation Co., Ltd, and Aeroprobing Inc. signed a technical joint development and business cooperation statement. The press release reveals that they signed this commercial alliance because of the mutual benefits it provides. Blue Innovation has a keen interest in Aeroprobing for its drone application solutions. Along with its system’s hardware and software integration technology, the brilliant minds at this startup  are considered the thought leaders in combining artificial intelligence with the drone navigation control system.

Aeroprobing has been successful in developing an agricultural unmanned plant protection product series in Southeast Asia as that market is expanding. It has also been successful in developing a unique spherical drone with an automatic flight system called “Project Volcano.” 

Project Volcano is the term used to describe the development of automatic flight systems. This term has been used in relation to drones entering the most dangerous volcanoes to study the internal effects and eruptions. Such a feat has been impossible for human maneuvered aircraft, but when automatic flight systems in drones were developed, the impossible became possible. As drones develop to the extent where human intervention is completely unnecessary, we have progressed to the next level of inventions.

These and other innovative developments have attracted companies such as Japan’s Blue Innovation.

What makes these drones unique?

Drones are becoming commonplace in many communities as toys and special interest collector’s items. But Aeroprobing Inc. has taken drones several steps further with their AI integration into their flight control systems. The startup has used this advanced technology to delve into an array of industries. Drones are quickly becoming an indispensable tool across the globe, and Aeroprobing is strategically positioned in this special market.  

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