Taiwantrade at CES2020 offering tomorrow’s innovation in today’s market

Chien Lee
January 3, 2020

Taiwan is home to many world class consumer electronics brands including Acer, Asus, and HTC.  In addition, Taiwan also serves an integral role in designing and manufacturing for brands around the world.  As a key player in the overall technology ecosystem, many Taiwan companies will be exhibiting at CES2020, showcasing the latest technology on the global stage.  

Aside from the big well-known brands, Taiwan is also home to many innovative small to medium sized enterprises.  In fact, it is because of the strength of the SMEs that Taiwan is ranked 15th in GDP per capita among developed countries, and its export-oriented industry economy is the 21st largest in the world.  Most of the top SMEs in Taiwan can be found distributed in the north, central and south, across its 13,976 sq. miles total area. Taiwantrade is a B2B e-marketplace that offers a comprehensive selection of Taiwan SMEs, also helping global buyers to find Taiwan products and identify local partners in manufacturing, suppliers, exporters, and wholesalers.   

At CES2020, Taiwantrade will be showcasing 7 innovative Taiwan SMEs to the global consumer electronics industry community.  This year’s exhibition highlights four key themes: 1) Smart Home, 2) Gaming, 3) Music & Photography, and 4) ICT.  The following section will introduce innovative companies from each theme, offering a quick tour of the overall CES2020 showcase:

Smart Home

AIFA’s i-Ctrl can effortlessly integrate all your existing home technologies. This Wi-Fi remote control enables scheduling/controlling home devices while you are at work, or on the go commuting or traveling. 

Good Way Technology
Good Way Smart Lighting brings benefits such as speed, security, and power saving to every family. The system adopts BLE 5 technology characterized with long range and indoor positioning. The BLE tracker allows users to also search for the missing item.


Sperry Corporation
Its latest product, Dual Catchmon, is praised as the best companion device for Pokémon GO players. Set it on cruise control and automatically catch your favorite Pokemons and collect virtual assets. 

Music & Photography

Maker hart
Transforming the way people enjoy music by providing accessibility when it comes to creating and editing electronic music. Combining readily available open source codes, applications and its unique Bluetooth MIDI-enabled sensors, the mixer enhances your electronic music creation experience.

Professional photographic equipment manufacturer providing one-stop service for customers, from mold development, product design to production, packaging and shipping.


Dedicated to design, manufacture, market and service in Auto-ID products for both its own RIOTEC brand and OEM/ODM markets. RIOTEC patented laser barcode scanner is implemented with advanced optical laser technology.

With over 25 years’ experience in the electronics manufacturing services and PCB assemblies manufacturing, Ehua provides OEM services for various electronic product applications.

It is estimated that at CES2020 there will be over 4,500 exhibitors with 2.75 million square feet exhibition space demonstrating the highlights of the consumer electronics industry.  While the estimated 180,000 attendees are there to witness the newest technology for 2020, they are also hoping to get a glance of the future technology trends for years to come.  As one of the major contributors to the technology industry, definitely don’t miss Taiwantrade’s booth (booth #60933) at this year’s CES and see for yourself tomorrow’s innovation that is ready for today’s market.     

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