[Tech Startup News] Tech Firm Smart IoT Labs Takes Your Home Virtual Assistant to the Next Level

Illena Yu
February 19, 2019

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We’ve got used to cutting edge modern technology helping us through the day. Now the team at Smart IoT Labs has decided to redefine the concept of the smart home with their next generation virtual assistant.

Miranda will soon hit the market and it’s going to be more autonomous and proactive than any other connected solution available to date.

AI and the Internet of Things technology has certainly come on at pace in the last few years. More and more of us now have a virtual assistant installed in the home. These help control our heating, turn on the lights and even play our music, all at our command.

The new system from Smart IoT Labs aims to take all this technology to the next level and beyond.


Co-founded in 2017 by tech entrepreneurs Jose Murillo, Jesús González, and Valentín Rangel, Smart IoT Labs is based in Seville, Spain. A small but highly experienced team of software and electronic engineers has been working to develop a virtual connected hub which can learn and it could well transform our homes over the next few years.


Miranda, a New VA for the Artificial Intelligence Age

We’re used to giving spoken demands to our virtual assistants. These devices, however, are still very limited in their scope. The next generation of virtual assistants for the home will be proactive, able to learn about what we want and anticipate our needs.Miranda is the first smart home platform that is based on artificial intelligence and which behaves according to our individual habits.


Designed to be easy to use by all the family, Miranda seamlessly integrates with small speakers and chatbots and connects to practically any IoT device in the home.


The team developing Miranda are fully aware of users wanting to protect their own privacy. It’s a key component that is built into the new virtual assistant. For a start, it can work with no internet connection at all and, unlike most other devices found on the market today, it won’t share your private information with third parties.


The major innovation, though, is how much Miranda can learn over time. We’re used to setting the home temperature or turning on the heating at a specific time. This virtual assistant actually gathers data and then provides temperature control based on how you use each room, making it less costly to run your home. It can also make suggestions on how to improve your efficiency by switching to the latest technology.


There’s no doubt the team at SmartIoT Labs have great plans for Miranda. Not only will it be able to manage your gas and electricity bills, it could even act as a security guard or a virtual nurse or nanny for your home.


It will recognize non-connected appliances and areas of your home such as windows, for example, telling you if a one is open when it starts to rain or if you are about to leave for the day.It will check for anomalous patterns when monitoring elderly people or children and send you a warning that something isn’t quite right. You don’t need to arm your alarm before you go out the door or turn it off when you get back becauseMiranda will oversee everything for you and keep your home protected.


According to the team at Smart IoT Labs, this next-generation virtual assistant will use AI to provide a fully connected home that puts your privacy first and simply makes your life easier. Simply put, it will transform the modern home with technology that is more proactive, more intelligent and more autonomous than ever before.


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