TechDay New York 2019: A spring blossom garden presented by east coast startups

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May 10, 2019

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In the first Thursday of May, TechDay opened a grand ceremony for startups at Javits Center located in the heart zone of great New York area. Startups seeking for opportunities of user acquisition, funding and press coverage were gathering together in one hall, presenting their best routines and product features each by each to catch people’s eyes.

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According to the numbers provided by TechDay official, TechDay New York 2019 held the event with over 20,000 attendees and 300 exhibitors. I attended the event by the sponsorship from the company I worked with, SparkAmplify. Although I have already lived with New York’s business ecosystem for almost 2 years. I was still surprised by the vitality and efficiency delivered by aggressive startup founders. Since TechDay is a one day only event from 10am to 5pm, exhibitors averagely had a relatively short time to explain how their startups work to each curious attendee.

With the slogan “The largest startup event in the US” hanging up at the entry of Javits Center Hall 1B, I can tell that they did not overstate it since the crowd in the hall made me hard to move from one aisle to another. In the massive playground composited by brands, organizations and sponsors. I saw not only investors, media professionals and industrial attendees but also large groups of students. Besides the Silicon Valley, New York is another great nest which supports the vigorous US startup industry.

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The price of the TechDay pass is really welcome to everyone who wants to learn more about startup experiences. For people who don’t require fast-pass and conference attendance, the cost is $0. After registering on the TechDay official website, attendees can print their badges at the kiosks set in front of the hall entry on the event day. This registering and checking in process is much more convenient compared to large-scale events such as CES (Consumer Electronic Show) and MWC (Mobile World Congress). With $0 cost applied, I personally recommend who live near Great New York area to walk through the event and see what you can get from it.

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(price table)

Even with the slogan “in the US” stated, exhibitors were actually coming from all over the world. Among 300 exhibitors, 40% of them are New York based, with 30% from the other parts of the US and rest from other countries such as Japan, Brazil and Spain. These brands are not limited to the software or data industries. Hardware solutions for lifestyle, renewable energy with none pollution, IOT integration…etc., all showed me how unpredictable the future of startups can be. Here are some interesting brands I’d like to share with:

Blue Quench

Blue Quench

Blue Quench’s hero product is a small refrigerator which can be put in regular sized outdoor refrigerators. It can freeze any can-like drinks from room temperature to ice degree in 60 seconds by put them into ice water and spin quickly. Blue Quench is definitely the most eye-catching brand in the exhibition field, not only because it provides free Pepsi for its guests but because of the cool design and way it shows the method beyond the practice.

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RSU Brasil

RSU Brasil

From the moment I heard the idea of RSU Brasil, I had decided that I shall let it be a part of this article. RSU is working on the way to recycle waste and turn it into new energy. Their plant model would collect all the waste and recycles from the city. After removing the useless part of garbage, RSU compresses the rest parts into the columnar-like fuel. The surprising point of this idea is that the whole process would use no extra electricity, and the new fuel is as 70% effective as coal but generates 0 pollutions.


Presentr has created an AI public speaking coach, which is perfect for improving communication -- an important aspect of everyday life. For many people, public speaking is terrifying. Whether you’re preparing for a job interview, a presentation at work, for school, or for pitch training for investment meetings, this AI-driven coach aims to help improve your presentation skills. This idea is both impressive and useful for me. And I would love to personally recommend this solution to my friends.

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We haven’t talked about the social connection in TechDay. This year, the social service of TechDay was provided by one of the sponsors, Brella. What Brella did is gathering all the investors, attendees and exhibitors into one online platform. By choosing our own demand and supply, people can find their matches on the platform and request a 15-mins appointment, with chatting table set by Brella automatically. I personally grabbed 6 matches on the event from Brella, pushing myself for more chances to know new people or find the person who I was just looking for.

SparkAmplify for TechDay

SparkAmplify aims to bridge the communication gap between startup brands and media influencers. With our on-demand press conference and AI-powered intelligent media outreach platform, hours of research time are saved for both brands looking to pitch to relevant media influencers and for media who are always in search of sources for their next big story.

SparkAmplify is a data-driven SaaS platform that facilitates the communication between brands and media, removing all the traditional barriers, and creating lasting effective relationships.

On-Demand Press Conference TechDay NY 2019

Want to know more interesting brands at TechDay New York? Visit the on-demand press conference page here =>

How it all began

From helping startups in different events such as TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco, Echelon Singapore, RISE Hong Kong, CES and MWC, we started thinking: Is there a better way to connect brands from all over the world with media, before the event? What if there is a conference where people from all over the world could join and access relevant press information of every exhibitor anytime, anywhere?

And thus, the on-demand press conference page. The on-demand press conference has the crucial elements of a traditional event press conference - a place where stories are told and picked up.

How does it work?

3 weeks before the TechDay event, SparkAmplify selected startup brands with good Social Proof Index to join this conference, helping them to build their profile and putting their information on to the conference page. The next step, SparkAmplify invited 50+ media influencers from TechCrunch, Geekwire and Wall Street Journal, presenting those great brand stories to them. By catching the eyes of media before the TechDay event, brands can greatly enhance their exhibition effort. Some of the brand stories might be what journalists are just looking for!

Feature exhibitors of the TechDay New York 2019:

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On-Demand Press Conference

To wrap it up, the experience during TechDay makes me blend better into New York’s business world. As I’m a student just going to graduate, the event teaches me how real business works in this big apple and how to make people notice my appearance. SparkAmplify’s next stop is Collision at Toronto. If you are just in the area or going to Toronto, too, we wish to meet you there. Come and say hi!

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