Texenergy: Off-Grid Power Solutions for All

Anthony Mosavi
December 18, 2019

In this era of smartphones, tablets and all the electronic gadgets, battery backup seems to be the only limiting factor. While there is fast charging technology that charges batteries faster, power availability can be an issue in remote areas across the planet.

The situation has incremented the popularity of mobile solar chargers, wind turbines, mechanical power generators, power banks, and other backup systems.

Adopting green technology

Considering the growing risk factors of CO2 emissions presented in the WMO’s latest Greenhouse Gas Bulletin, many manufacturers are swiftly adopting ‘green technology’ by involving the use of alternative sources of energy to meet their power demands. 

Tech giant Sony has recently emerged as one of the biggest purchasers of green energy utilizing more than 88 million kWh per year, which is 37% of its annual usage. To develop additional sources of green energy, UK-based Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult Ltd. has recently installed 8 MW of new tidal capacity at different sites around the English Channel to harness tidal/wave energy.

In 2018, about 78% of US global warming emissions were fossil-fuel related emissions of CO2, with 42% from oil, 32% from coal, and 27% from natural gas. Renewable energy sources like sunlight, wind, and hydro projects offer a clean solution to the escalating air pollution caused by burning fossil fuels.

However, harnessing solar or wind energy requires equipment that lacks in portability and easy affordability.

Enter Texenergy, a portable off-grid power solution company leveraging turbine technology. The company manufactures a range of products harnessing wind, solar or mechanical energy to provide off-grid power solutions essential for adventurers, mountaineers, and explorers.

“Our vision has always been to design products that not only work in everyday situations but also make a significant difference in emergency preparedness, off-grid living, and clean energy. It provides an extra lifeline for medics, aid-workers, emergency support teams and individuals that can change outcomes for the better,” said Jerry Ranger, Managing Director and CEO of Texenergy Ptd Ltd.

The company was established by Jerry Ranger, a former marine in the special forces. Jerry was deployed to remote places around the world where there would be no power sources. It was then that he got the idea of developing an off-grid power solution to communicate with his teammates in the field.

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Texenergy’s standout product is the Infinite Air, a portable off-grid power solution that enables harnessing wind energy through a microturbine. The wind turbine can generate energy 24 hours a day and is good enough to charge a smartphone, GPS, medical equipment and other 5V devices.

the Infinite Air

“Our main target market includes expeditioners, and individuals engaged in outdoor activities who need a power source on-the-go or off-grid. Most of the time, people use power banks, but when the power banks run out of power, they don’t have an option to charge their devices,” said Ranger.

Kenton Cool, adventurer and mountaineer with over ten Everest summits commented: “Having the ability to charge things off-grid is important. With our increasing dependencies on technology, being able to power up our equipment has become more important than before.” 

The rise of off-grid power solutions

The rise of off-grid power solutions can make a positive influence in developing countries where power shortage is a major issue. The idea to generate cheap electricity by developing off-grid solar and wind power is not new. Governments in various developing countries in Asia and Africa are working to establish off-grid systems to provide affordable power solutions in remote communities.

Off-grid power solutions are also quintessential for emergency support teams, medics, and journalists working in some of the remotest parts of the planet.

Portable wind turbines

Wind turbines have always been considered as a clean energy solution. Their only limitation was the lack of portability that reduced their application for on-the-go power generation. 

The development of portable wind turbine technology was also a topic of debate as many experts considered it inappropriate for all locations. However, with the advent of portable wind turbines such as the Infinite Air, the opinion will start to change.

After two years of development, Texenergy will launch their latest Infinite Air 12V at CES2020, intending to increase its partnerships and distribution reach across the US and Canada. Both countries are prone to natural disasters that could cause power outages. The exhibition at Singapore Pavilion is supported by Enterprise Singapore.

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