The Innovative Vehicle Intelligence Platform by 3drens

Anthony Mosavi
November 20, 2019

The entire mobility industry including logistics firms, transportation services, automakers, and vehicle rentals, faces a plethora of challenges every day. Fleet management is becoming difficult, as managers have to deal with issues such as poor asset utilization, erratic driver behavior, and vehicle wear and tear. 

Due to a considerable lack of visibility into the real-time status of vehicles, fleet managers struggle to prevent vehicle misuse, which brings down staff productivity and quality of service.

Considering the widespread requirement of a cost-effective solution for efficient fleet management, 3drens has developed a Vehicle Intelligence Platform with which fleet owners can effectively optimize their operations and seamlessly launch new services.

3drens is a technology startup based in Taiwan. The company’s main philosophy is to dream, design, and do (the 3 D’s), which also forms the main idea behind their name –3drens.

As per the founders, the real breakthrough came when they won a competition organized by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2016. They had developed “Sherpa,” a wearable wireless communication device that solved the issue of poor network coverage in the mountainous regions.

The acclaim received by “Sherpa” inspired them to begin their journey as business owners, setting out to transform the world through technology.

The Technology

“IoT” and “Big Data” have been the buzz terms over the last few years. With the development of improved communication services and software applications, new domains like the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) show a lot of promise.

Based on this technology, 3drens developed the Vehicle Intelligence Platform, which is a smart mobility solution for fleet owning companies like American Central Transport and Crete Carrier, and logistics companies such as DHL and Deutsche Post.

The Vehicle Intelligence Platform delivers business intelligence by collecting data from different vehicles. As a hardware-agnostic technology, the 3drens platform does not require any dedicated equipment to be fitted in the vehicles. This is what makes it different from existing products like GlobalSat and Zubie.

Likewise, it does not rely on a single data source, which makes it flexible to adjust with changes in technologies, policies, or laws.

The Benefits

The 3drens platform enables businesses to optimize their fleet operations by using onboard data-collection devices that record the mileage and speed of a vehicle in real-time. The devices can then analyze driver behavior to promote efficiency and contribute to reducing the carbon footprint.

With features such as fleet tracking, driver management, and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) integration to automate various back-office functions, the platform serves as an effective tool for companies that rely greatly on transportation services. These features enable fleet managers to accurately track vehicles cost-effectively and quickly.

For the operators in rental and car-sharing markets, features such as geo-fencing, hot spot analysis, and mileage/speed reporting are essential to check on driver behaviors.

By integrating vehicle addresses with e-commerce delivery information,the platform formulates intelligent vehicle scheduling, capacity optimization,and route optimization for the logistic companies.

The Future 

The automobile industry is already on the brink of a revolution with the influx of electric, hybrid, and smart cars. Recent innovations in the transport and mobility systems reflect that the world is serious about the conservation of the environment, and there is a dire need for eco-friendly solutions in this industry.

To improve mobility for both citizens and businesses alike, the European Commission is looking to invest in digitization, road safety, and emission control.

Companies like 3drens provide cost-effective solutions based on vehicular data collection and analysis that can be integrated easily by the operators.

3drens is one of the exhibitors at the Taiwanese Pavilion at Slush 2019. Through Slush, the company is looking to expand its reach to a global audience, with over 2,000 global investors and more than 25,000 curious minds attending the event this year.

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