[News Articles on Technology] The Mortise Lock – A Superior Security and Innovative Technology Mesh

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February 27, 2019

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As homes and entire cities continue to become ‘smarter’, driven by cleverly designed apps and even AI, there’s still one nagging problem that almost every home owner continues to face from time to time: pesky locks that won’t work as they should or don’t offer enough security.

IglooHome’s Mortise Lock aims to change that for the better – boasting a level of functionality, efficiency and ‘smartness’ like the rest of their electronic devices line-up. There’s no harm in making your life easier, more convenient, but most important of all – safer.

How the Mortise Lock Has Revolutionized the Way Locks Work

Keyless Entry

Whether you’re comfortably nestled inside your home or away from it, you need secure locks around the clock that not only function as they should, but also offer certain extras to make life easier.

‍To begin with, the Mortise Lock offers the convenience of keyless entry – you can forget about dealing with frustrating situations where you’re fumbling for the keys or can’t seem to remember where you put them. No more accidental lockouts – just fuss-free living.

‍Using your smartphone to enter your unique code or punch in your code manually right outside yourdoor step.

Multiple Entry Modes

In case you prefer not to tap in a code on the lock interface to enter your home or office, you can also unlock any Mortise Lock-equipped door through a PIN code or Bluetooth key from your smartphone.

Grant someone access to your home even when you're not physically present. The IglooHome mobile app lets you create PIN codes or Bluetooth keys, after which you can choose how long you want them to be valid; very convenient if you need to let someone into your home or office – simply send them the PIN code or Bluetooth key from the app and you’re all set.

IglooHome Mortise Lock incorporates innovative technology which utilizes the latest encryption and synchronization standards. There’s no internet required at all for the lock to work, which means there’s zero chances of someone hacking your connection in order to steal theBluetooth keys or PIN code.

Mobile AppPowered

Grant anyone access no matter where you are – the IglooHome mobile app lets you easily and quickly create PIN codes as well as virtual Bluetooth keys which you can send to anyone who has the app installed on their smartphone– for easy and secure keyless entry.

View Access Logs and Much More

But that’s not all – you can also view access logs, and track the respective dates and times visitors enter your home, for added peace of mind. And should any unsuspecting individual try to physically pry your lock open, an intruder alarm will instantly go off – not only alerting your neighbors and passersby, but also notifying you on the app.  

What’s more, if you’re an Airbnb host, you can synchronize your listing calendars using the IglooHome account so that PIN codes are automatically generated for guests.

Another added safety feature is the ability to detect temperatures between 50 – 70°C within the house, after which all MortiseLocks will unlock automatically to safely let occupants out.

If you’re looking for the safest, most secure and efficient ‘digitally controlled’ lock that also works offline, the Mortise Lock is it.

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