The Next Frontier: Personalized Health and Wellbeing Programs

SparkAmpLab Editorial Team
August 22, 2019

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The act of sitting for long hours at work seems harmless at first, odd enough to think of it as an act. Recent studies have shown that sitting for long hours can bring in a number of health risks, specifically for your heart. 

So, what about all the office workers that work for long hours in their cubicles or the school teachers that have a monotonous routine of work?

Activity and exercise outside of work are predominantly good for health. However, when people spend most of their free time watching Netflix and sitting, they are most likely to do much less exercise, and as a result, become prone to various harmful effects.

A survey carried out by GlaxoSmithKline on 3,000 individuals from age 18 to 75, revealed that 48% of the employees pretend to be sick to get time off work due to increasing work pressure., an Australian startup providing health and wellness coaching, may be your way out. Its advisor and non-exec director Matt Hornsby started off as a physical performance coach in the Australian Football League. With his experience of working with some of the world’s top athletes, Matt was able to create breakthrough lifestyle training programs. 

Growing trends

Business organizations, private and public institutions are looking towards health and wellbeing programs to enhance the physical, mental and social health of their workforce. A recent report by Aflack Workforces has revealed that employees who work for companies with wellness programs are 67% more likely to recommend their workplace to others.

In the 3rd Global Conference on Health and Lifestyle held at Loma Linda University, issues related to inextricable relation between the mind, body, and lifestyle were discussed. 

Dr. Peter Landless, director of Health Ministries at the conference, highlighted that people consider health as a purely physical entity. Whereas there’s a strong link between mental, physical and social health of a person. He also discussed the benefits of health coaching, adopting healthy habits, and maintaining an adequate work-life balance.

Over the past few years, the health and wellness sector has witnessed a global uprising, as more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle.

The trends in this domain are already changing with the inception of new health and wellness startups. With one-on-one training regimens developed by some of the leading health coaches, employees are benefitting with enhanced mental and physical health levels.

The experts from Sano Health were a team of nutritionists, nurses, and physiologists – who tested all the teachers and developed comprehensive exercise, diet and relaxation programs. Health and wellbeing startups like Sano Health empower people working in different organizations by designing the right support system for them. The right way to change lifestyle habits is to create sustainable positive changes that can create a difference to the wellbeing, health, and energy level of an individual.

The impact

Recently, US-based company Joyance Partners has made significant investments in such startups in Europe to launch themselves into the European market. The company’s move can be visualized as an attempt to harness the capability of European startups in terms of healthcare and AI.

Take the case of Broadmeadows Valley Primary School in Melbourne, where a survey revealed that the teaching staff felt tired and were struggling to cope up with the increasing workload. To counter the situation, the principal thought of bringing in a team of health and wellness experts to evaluate the underlying issue.

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