[Business Startup News] The Tend Smart Solar Camera Protects and Connects

Anthony Mosavi
March 1, 2019

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Security is important, right? Of course it is, but this isn’t to say that the products available to consumers are the best when it comes to efficiency and affordability.

Although times have moved on from bulky camera setups, there can still be limitations in place when it comes to fully securing a property as well as safeguarding those that reside inside.

This isn’t to say that all security cameras are of no use, but when investing in a product it makes sense that people want to ensure that they can purchase a camera that can offer a high level of security without paying a premium.

There’s also the powering of the camera that can be problematic. Battery replacements are all well and good, but over time this can become costly, not to mention the chore of recycling batteries in the right way.

The Internet has allowed those looking for affordable security with more options, such as viewing the premises via a smartphone, but those who are undertaking a deep risk assessment would recognize that these features are useless if there’s no Internet connection or there has been a power outage. So, what’s the solution?

Introducing the Tend Smart Solar Camera

Tend is a startup that is working hard to ensure families remain connected, without putting their privacy at risk.

The revolutionary Smart Solar Camera is security camera with a difference, in that it contends with many of the doubts that people have when it comes to their security.

The solar element of the camera also plays a big part in preparing for the worst. Loss of Internet? Don’t worry, the Tend Smart Solar camera can store up to three days of data and will upload to the inclusive cloud platform once the Internet connection is active.

However, this isn’t the only thing that sets the Smart Solar Camera apart from the competition, as the small attention to detail ensures that the camera offers more value overall. The following feature all play a small part and contribute towards a truly secured and connected family.  

·       Facial recognition allows family members to check in and others to receive notifications of their arrival.

·       All footage can be reviewed and backed up via the included cloud storage platform.

·       Only requires on sunny day to power the camera for seven days.

·       Allows for hands-free control via the use of Smart Assistant Technology from Google.

·       Affordable price of $199.00.

Ideal for Business and Residential Properties

The low price point of the Tend Smart Solar Camera means that it can be used to secure a small residential property employ or a growing business. As there is minimal setup required, business can add more cameras when required, meaning that it never has to pay more than need when securing the property.

Regardless of how many cameras a customer needs, they can be confident of an easy setup and a robust product that takes care of all aspects of security and ensures that there are safeguards in place to ensure families are always protected.

It’s understandable where there can be confusion on which camera to choose because of the choice available. The Trend Smart Solar Camera takes care of the more conventional roles of a camera with ease while offering some additional benefits that brings peace-of-mind to any home or business.

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