This Desk Lamp Promises To Be The Next Revolutionary Computing Device

Chien Lee
June 14, 2019

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A home theater, interactive learning experience, and entertainment device -- brought to you in the form of a desk lamp?   

That’s right, a modern, sleek desk lamp promises to be the next big thing in household computing. LUMI, 2-time winner of the prestigious iF Gold Award in 2019 and 2018, is a minimalistic, fully functioning computing device with projector capabilities, that integrates cutting-edge interactive technologies like IR and MR into one revolutionary device.

What exactly does LUMI do?

LUMI projecting an interactive screen onto a desk - credit: bIOSlab

On the surface, LUMI is a lamp that offers two modes -- rest and read -- with different color temperatures suited for your various daily activities. But LUMI does a lot more than illuminate your home or work space. LUMI can turn any flat surface into an interactive screen, from a touchpad to a drawing board to a piano keyboard. It can project a 20-inch display on a table, as well as an 80-inch wall display, and can act as a smart display or home theater in any area of your house or workspace. Additionally,  as a high tech furniture, by eliminating cumbersome computing boxes, LUMI uses space effectively, does not create tangled cables, and is minimalist and mobile. LUMI’s intelligent design and features make it able to enhance the wellbeing of your family by offering a digital environment that is seamless and highly customizable. Its value is rooted in its practical furniturized design and technology, as it is a convenient and multifunctional improvement on a necessary household and office staple.

How LUMI Protects Your Eyes and Your Health

LUMI also provides a more healthy and educational way to access digital media and entertainment. TVs, Computers and Phones emit a harmful type of light called blue light. When our eyes are exposed to blue light, our eyes strain, which leads to optical damage, insomnia, anxiety, and even depression. When acting as a virtual screen, LUMI prominently cuts out the emission of blue light, which means that you can access digital spaces in a more healthy way.

Mixed Reality as a Tool for Child Education?

LUMI projecting on a wall - credit: bIOSlab

Additionally, LUMI’s educational capabilities are profound. It is a powerful tool for environments with children, as it encourages them to creatively use mixed reality (MR) to learn through play. For instance, when you are not using LUMI as a lamp, rotating its head against a wall allows you to project fun and engaging doodles or simply project onto your desk for other child-friendly MR content through apps – like Chemistry Story, for example. LUMI also runs seamlessly on Windows, and its founders have slated creative apps in development through partnerships with companies such as Microsoft and more.

Concluding Thoughts

By harnessing the technical power of IR Touch Technology and Mixed Reality Capabilities, along with the seamlessness, elegance, and functionality of high tech furniture design, LUMI  has created a powerful and futuristic innovation for the modern and conscious technology user. It is a solution for offices and homes, for children and adults, and for both work and play, all in a sleek lamp. Who would have thought that the next revolutionary computing device was on your desk this entire time?

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