This Startup Is Shifting The Marketplace For Retail Space

Anthony Mosavi
June 11, 2019

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With rising rents and the rise of ecommerce, the way businesses operate has shifted. Popups and alternative business models are on the rise, and they need one central component -- a short-term space. But short term space rentals are often difficult and frustrating to secure. Appear Here, a London-based startup, solves this problem. Operating worldwide, Appear Here allows you to rent various spaces on a  daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Large brands like Apple and Microsoft have utilized appear here because of Appear Here’s inherent convenience and flexibility. Booking large spaces can be as easy as booking a hotel room!

Something To Think About

While customers with the internet are more independent than ever, they still need support. And the current infrastructure for renting short term spaces doesn’t offer it. Short-term brokers are uncommitted, and web information is stale due to the short-term and ever-changing nature of the rentals. Until Appear Here, the inconvenience of short term rentals were just accepted as a cost of doing business. Appear Here, founded in 2014 by London-based entrepreneur Ross Bailey, is an online marketplace for retail spaces with a diversity of uses. According to Bailey, "the high street is like a TV network...when you turn on the TV, you want the channel you’re watching to stay relevant, to have new, different things. You don’t want to sit there and stare at a blank screen”

Interview of Appear Here CEO with Sky Lines

How Appear Here Is Different

Often touted as the “AirBnB of retail”, Appear Here connects brands looking to rent short-term retail space with the landlords. The booking process is managed online securely, the Appear Here team provides service to the customer, and you don’t need to plan far in advance.

Success Stories

Over 200,000 brands use Appear Here. A recent success story is that of 11 Honoré, a  plus-size e-commerce site stocking over 80 luxury fashion brands in sizes 11-20+, including Zac Posen and Jason Wu. During their first New York Fashion Week show this year, they hit the headlines by closing the catwalk with trans advocate and model Laverne Cox. They opened a pop-up store on Hudson Street to coincide with this monumental fashion moment and connect with more plus-size American women via their first physical space. Appear Here’s system connected 11 Honoré with the perfect prime space for their event.

Credit:  Appear Here

Real estate is changing. Malls are closing down, and storefronts are becoming less common. Landlords, executives, and leaders are realizing this, and by providing value to the customer, Appear Here is at the storefront of the popup movement. It is disrupting the old way of renting a retail space by making short-term tenancy faster, secure, more reliable, and more convenient.

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