Three Useful Tools to Connect Exhibitors and Media during RISE 2019

July 15, 2019

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RISE 2019: Three Useful Tools to Connect Exhibitors and Media

Rise 2019 is one of the largest tech conferences in Asia. This year, Hong Kong Exhibition Center accommodated 16,000 attendees from 20+ countries.

385 speakers and 777 startups come together to showcase their best innovations. RISE 2019 also attracted 553 tech investors to aid startups with investments and fundings.

For brands, we understand it is difficult to get media attention - especially with RISE 2019 being the largest tech event in Asia, and it is also hard work for media to find the right companies to write about either.

SparkAmplify is here to bridge the communication gap. With our three outreach tools, Event Page, AI-powered intelligent media outreach platform, and Article-Based Recommendation, research time is saved for both brands and media. Brands can focus more on telling their brand stories, while media may find the stories that interest them with less manual search. 

1. RISE 2019 Event Page

To boost media attention for brands and help the journalists to find startup stories more efficiently and effectively, our event page was lanched. Media may check out brand profiles by clicking their logos displayed in the exhibitors section.

Visit RISE 2019 Event Page

Hong Kong RISE 2019 The Largest Asia Tech Conference

2. AI-powered Intelligent Media Outreach

55+ Media Outlets 

For RISE 2019, SparkAmplify listed 280+ journalists that may be interested in covering the event. During RISE 2019, outreach emails were sent to 55+ media outlets in total. 

Our AI model recommends relevant journalists to the brand to lessen the time for media research.

Learn more about what SparkAmplify AI-powered intelligent media outreach is doing!

SparkAmplify Product- Brand

3. Article-Based Media Recommendation

Our latest feature, Article-Based Media Recommendation is online! Simply paste the content of the company or product to our article-based media recommendation section on our website, our AI model will recommend journalists who are interested in the topic based on your article. The list of journalists will be customized and shown only to you on our platform.

Here's Why We Are Special

  • AI-recommendations. Save hours of research time. Find the right people to pitch to in no time.
  • Pitch email automation. Even people with little to no PR-related experience can write a good pitch email.
  • Outreach history tracking. Track outreach engagements and improve results with data.‍

With SparkAmplify, you focus on telling your story, and we take care of the rest.

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