Top Pick Startups for IFA NEXT 2019 by SparkAmplify

SparkAmpLab Editorial Team
August 23, 2019

The 3rd season of the year is coming. Are you excited about the Apple event on September 10th? Don't forget there's an world's leading event happening in September - IFA Berlin 2019. IFA Berlin is the world's leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances. This year IFA will take place in Messegelände Berlin ExpoCenter City Messedamm 22 from September 6th to September 12th.

Based on SparkAmplify’s Social Proof Index (SP Index), we identified some of the top trending startups exhibiting at IFA NEXT 2019.

Top startups by region

Linkplay - China Asia

Linkplay Technology is the lead turn-key Wi-fi audio solution provider. They offer Wi-Fi audio solutions to integrate into your products.

developing cutting-edge wireless technology for a variety of products and applications featured in top brands on the market.

Top Placement: New Chip to Let Headphones Respond to Amazon's Alexa by Name

Ambi Labs - Hong Kong Asia

Ambi Labs is a startup based in Hong Kong that dedicates to change to way consumers interact with household appliances.By using AI engine, their smart controller Ambi Climate can adjusts your AC to maintain perfect indoor conditions for your home while minimizing costs and energy usage.

Top Placement: Ambi Climate 2 AC Controller (review)

8sense - Germany Europe

8sense is a platform of virtual coaching systems consisting of sensor technology and mobile app in the healthcare sector. They use games and challenges that motivate you to take care of your back.

Top Placement: Siebenstelliges Investment: Weiteres Wachstumskapital für Rückencoach von 8sense

Percko - France Europe

Percko is the first smart undershirt that improve your posture.

Top Placement: STARTUPS Percko, un T-shirt qui soulage le mal de dos

Kinemic - Germany Europe

Kinemic develops and sells gesture interaction software to enable a new era of human-computer interaction using gesture control and handsfree input.

Top Placement: IIoT Tech on Assembly Lines

Magpie Tech - USA North America

Magpie provides the world's first bilateral Laser Distance Measurer, VH-80 laser measurer

Top Placement: Worlds First Bilateral Laser Distance Measurer (video)

Social Proof Index (SP Index)


SparkAmplify’s SP Index is generated by our algorithm and is given to each brand as a measurement of its overall media presence quality. Social Proof Index is an industry-first index that takes into account a brand’s social proof based on social share, placement number, placement quality, impression and search ranking.

Social Proof Index is a score from 0 to 100. Every brand on SparkAmplify has its own Social Proof Index that is updated frequently to reflect the latest situation. Brands with Social Proof Index of 100 means it has better media exposure results than that with Social Proof Index of 50.


Social Proof Index (SP Index) quantitatively measures a brand’s press coverage in terms of social share, placement number, placements quality, impression and search ranking. With higher Social Proof Index, brand can stand out easily from other brands and focus on telling stories to the right influencers.


Social Proof Index (SP Index) helps journalists filter out the noise and concentrate on media-worthy sources. By filtering brands with high Social Proof Index, journalists can quantitatively measure a brand’s press coverage performance.

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