Top Pick Startups for Meet Taipei Startup Festival 2019 by SparkAmplify

SparkAmpLab Editorial Team
November 10, 2019

As one of the biggest startup event in Asia, Meet Taipei Startup Festival 2019 will again be held at the Taipei Expo Dome between November 14 and 16, with 70,000 attendees and over 1,500 startups participating!

Based on SparkAmplify’s Social Proof Index (SP Index), here is our editorial's pick for the top 10 trending startups at the Meet Taipei Startup Festival 2019.

Top 10 Startup Exhibitors

1. Insider (Turkey, Singapore)

Meet Insider, the first integrated Growth Management Platform. Insider Growth Management Platform (GMP) helps digital marketers drive growth across the funnel, from Acquisition to Activation, Retention, and Revenue.

2. MuayThaiOK CO., LTD. (Thailand)

We offer Muay Thai classes suitable to all ages and abilities, from curious first-timers looking for fitness to professionals in training for the big fight.

3. Intella Limited (Hong Kong)

Scan2Pay is a payment gateway service providing one-stop platform integrating multiple payment systems, which can be used in various transaction scenarios.

4. Formosa Financial (Taiwan) 

Formosa Financial offers the one-stop-shop to easily manage cryptocurrencies. Trade, Hold, Earn Interest. We make owning bitcoin as easy as owning stock.

5. NULAB INC. (Japan)

Nulab is a Japanese software company that provides online collaboration tools for teams of all sizes.

6. Language Hero (Taiwan)

Smart chat gets beginners, who don't know a word of each other's language, speaking comfortably, face-to-face, on real-life topics, from day 1. It functions as an affordable digital tutor that democratizes language learning.

7. anect (Japan)

Appabrik is a web-based one-stop platform for iPhone & Android app development, operations, and analysis. With Appabrik, you can publish their own mobile apps at the cost of 1/10 in about 1 month.

8. TutorMing (China)

TutorMing is the world's leading E-learning platform in Mandarin Chinese. We provide 24hr tutoring sessions and support for you to learn Chinese from anywhere, anytime.

9. 1Export Trade and Services Inc. (The Philippine)

1Export provides an end-to-end tech-enabled exporting platform that invites users to an efficient and effective access of its export consultation and facilitation services.

10. Holoeyes Inc. (Japan)

Holoeyes provides VR based surgery planning, navigation, training and education service for doctors and hospitals. We are selling web-based service for converting CT scan-based 3D model to VR assets for each patient.

Social Proof Index (SP Index)


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Social Proof Index is a score from 0 to 100. Every brand on SparkAmplify has its own Social Proof Index that is updated frequently to reflect the latest situation. Brands with Social Proof Index of 100 means it has better media exposure results than that with Social Proof Index of 50.


Social Proof Index (SP Index) quantitatively measures a brand’s press coverage in terms of social share, placement number, placements quality, impression and search ranking. With higher Social Proof Index, brand can stand out easily from other brands and focus on telling stories to the right influencers.


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