Top startups selected by SparkAmplify for InnoVEX 2019

Illena Yu
May 15, 2019

InnoVEX is the fastest-growing tech conference in Asia. This year, May 29-31 InnoVEX 2019 will take place at Exhibition Hall 1 of the Taipei World Trade Center, with a record high of 400+ startups joining from 24 countries.

Based on SparkAmplify’s Social Proof Index (SP Index), we identified some of the top trending startups exhibiting at InnoVEX 2019 by categories.

Top Categories of InnoVEX 2019 (Selected with highest SP Index):

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Hardware
  • Privacy & Security
  • IoT

Top startups by category:

Artificial Intelligence


Hoomano, with expertise in the improvement of human-machine interactions, develops software for social robots, such as Pepper and Nao.

Top Placement: 11 French investors told us what were the 19 tech startups in France to follow imperatively in 2019 - and in which they did not necessarily invest


With the patented sound camera, Sorama can visualise noise sources up to half a millimetre.

Top Placements: Smart sound sensors will help Dutch police nip street fights (and weed farms) in the bud



Energysquare's mission is to bring efficiency and reliability to electronic device users, by simplifying the way they have access to energy to charge their devices.

Top Placement: 4 informations startup à retenir ce 9 janvier 2019


Ambi Climate is the world's first AI-powered air conditioner controller. Ambi Climate learns what affects you, auto-adjusting your AC, boosting comfort and saving energy.

Top Placement: Ambi Climate 2nd Editionがキックスターターにて公開、エアコンユーザーの常識を変える ~AIによって可能にする快適な環境と省エネ~

Privacy & Security


NextDrive’s teams of software developers and hardware engineers build integrated platform solutions to improve how technology works for us — for people, business, and industries.

Top Placement: 台湾OHGA社が、ローム製Wi-SUNモジュールを搭載したスマートロック「OHGA Smart Lock」を開発



Unabiz is the first licensed IoT operator and the official Sigfox operator in Singapore and Taiwan, providing IoT services such as a Sigfox connectivity in both countries.

Top Placement: How UnaBiz is disrupting the IoT market in APAC


TOSS LAB's flagship product, JANDI, is an office messenger custom-built to meet the needs of users across Asia.

Top Placement: 台灣新創團隊要拼東南亞商機,Gojek投資人給忠告:「國際化拼快、選大市場」

Social Proof Index (SP Index)


SparkAmplify’s SP Index is generated by our algorithm and is given to each brand as a measurement of its overall media presence quality. Social Proof Index is an industry-first index that takes into account a brand’s social proof based on social share, placement number, placement quality, impression and search ranking.

Social Proof Index is a score from 0 to 100. Every brand on SparkAmplify has its own Social Proof Index that is updated frequently to reflect the latest situation. Brands with Social Proof Index of 100 means it has better media exposure results than that with Social Proof Index of 50.


Social Proof Index (SP Index) quantitatively measures a brand’s press coverage in terms of social share, placement number, placements quality, impression and search ranking. With higher Social Proof Index, brand can stand out easily from other brands and focus on telling stories to the right influencers.


Social Proof Index (SP Index) helps journalists filter out the noise and concentrate on media-worthy sources. By filtering brands with high Social Proof Index, journalists can quantitatively measure a brand’s press coverage performance.

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