[Interesting Startup News] Two European Startups Making Waves in the Food Industry

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June 9, 2020

There are loads of shared grocery list apps on the market that will save you another trip to the store, but none that has elicited so many positive reviews from users. Bring!, a shopping list app developed by a Swiss startup, seeks to simplify shopping and ensures that you’ll never again forget to get the milk when you’re at the supermarket. 

Grocery apps including shopping list apps are becoming very popular. A recent survey by Market Force Information found that 44% of US consumers indicated that they use a grocery app. 

The Bring! app lets you import and store recipes and ingredients. You can also find recipes on the app and when you choose one, the app suggests the list of ingredients you need to create the dish.

Your shopping list is featured in a straightforward format: simply tap an item, say bread, and the app shows a picture of bread on your shopping list. The clever app shows you different options of bread to choose from. If you want to remove an item, you simply tap that picture in your shopping list and it disappears.

Shopping lists can be shared with people who live with you, so everyone knows what food items are needed and are being replaced. Users have found the app ideal for planning parties and doing shopping for large groups because the same list can be shared in real-time with everyone involved. Even professional caterers use it.

Digital assistant frees up your hands

It’s very annoying when you remember something to add to your shopping list but your hands are occupied – you can’t type while you’re driving, after all. The folks at Bring! have eliminated this problematic issue for users by incorporating digital assistants like Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. The digital personal assistant can help users with creating shopping lists, menu planning, and in-store and online shopping.

Scaling the business 

Founded in 2012, Bring! has raised $1,1 million in its latest series A funding round. This financial support is a confirmation of the potential that the market sees in this startup. The company, currently a team of 13, plans to use the new funding capital to expand further. Another exciting undertaking is the platform’s plans to connect the app to its first online shop, where users can use the Bring! app to shop directly from.

Bring! has entered into partnerships with established companies like kaufDA/Bonial.com, Betty Bossi, Fooby.ch, and Neue Zürcher Zeitung.

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Agriculture in France is becoming a more sustainable venture and it’s being funded by MiiMOSA, an innovative crowdfunding platform that is specifically dedicated to farmers and food.

If we want to produce enough food for a growing world population, farmers have to adhere to sustainable agriculture practices. It’s crucial that our food production preserves the ecological systems within the environment. The thing is, for farmers to switch to new, environmentally friendly practices, costs money. This is where MiiMOSA comes in.

COVID-19 Initiatives

MiiMOSA has stepped up to help those working in the health industry during the coronavirus crisis. The company is cooking and delivering meals donated by its customers to hospitals and caregivers.

Rewards-based crowdfunding platform 

MiiMOSA started out in 2015 as a crowdfunding platform that offered rewards in exchange for monetary backing of new farming practices or efforts to make the change to more sustainable farming. 

Image courtesy of MiiMOSA

Farmers requested financial help to build greenhouses for organic nurseries, or to plant a permaculture orchard and in return backers received products such as cheese, yogurts, whiskey, ice creams, or a weekend in the countryside.

This Fintech solution for small farmers and food producers was the brainchild of MiiMOSA founder, Florian Breton. His vision was to help small-scale farmers who did not qualify for traditional financing from banks.

Since then, MiiMOSA has helped make more than 2,500 projects a reality and has raised around $22 million, with a funding success rate of 85%.

By 2018, it became clear that larger projects could also benefit from the MiiMOSA platform, turning the company into also being a lending marketplace and authorized as a crowdlending platform. 

Transition to investment platform

Foodnavigator.com reports that in January 2019 the French retailer Carrefour joined Danone and Herta amongst others to launch MiiMOSA Transition. MiiMOSA Transition is an investment marketplace that will help large agriculture participants to transition to more sustainable, environmentally friendly farming practices. 

The investments will focus on projects that adhere to certain standards. So far, eight categories are included: renewable energies, organic agriculture, soil conservation, carbon storage, agroecology, and agroforestry.

Breton told foodnavigator.com that the involvement of large corporations like Carrefour and Danone signals a shift in funding models for agro-food businesses. He referred to the collaboration as a paradigm shift in the funding for agriculture and food.


Tech is changing our lives in many ways. We now have apps that help us to do all sorts of daily tasks, including remembering shopping lists. And the world is seeing new alternatives to traditional agriculture financing, which in the past excluded small-scale borrowers from banking services. 

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