[Business Startup News] Two Options for Optimizing Big Data and AI With PowerArena and Deeplite

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May 27, 2019

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Deeplite and PowerArena are two energetic and visionary startups that look forward to maximizing on Deep Learning and Artificial and Neural Networks in a broad global market.

Deeplite and PowerArena are two companies that impact Industrial automation, Retail, Connected homes and offices, Video monitoring, recognizing specific objects in photos, translating speech and detecting patterns in videos and more. Better enabling daily life and multiple functions of daily life are some of the key goals for these Big Data startups. The Big Data industry is on a growth trend of 29.7% per year and is projected to reach $40.6 billion global worth by 2023. This is because  Optimized Artificial Intelligence gets pushed to its limits with the latest integrations enabling better functions for a huge variety of applications. Large amounts of data get processed quickly as Edge Computing enables quicker and more efficient processing at the point of the devices rather than at a central server.

Maximizing Factory Production Technology and More with PowerArena

PowerArena, a Hong Kong startup seeks to optimize real-time data along with computer vision and AI deep learning technologies, enabling them to perform immediate monitoring of production lines. Their technology is used in manufacturing, Crowd Management, Smart Projects, Mobile applications, and a host of other areas as well. This will enable manufacturers to evaluate the factors that cause poor efficiency in production. This enables them to find solutions to improve and increase their rate of production.

Immediate monitoring of production lines (Source: PowerArena)

One of the critical areas that PowerArena will have an impact on is crowd management. Without sufficient high level visibility, its difficult to manage larger amounts of crowds. Wherever streaming videos are available, PowerArena monitors, reviews, and analyzes the crowd situations in split second timing.

DNNs to Enhance AI Technologies Impacting Daily Life

Deeplite capitalizes on their creation Neutrino which is an intelligent optimizer that enables quick and efficient AI algorithms for day to day use. This startup seeks to impact self-driving cars, drones, surveillance cameras, cancer detection, virtual assistants and other usages. Technology produced by Deeplite is also used for edge computing used in Industrial automation, Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), Retail, Connected homes and offices, Predictive maintenance, Video monitoring, and more. Numerous AI technologies use a form of Deep Neural Networks also termed as DNNs.

Source: Deeplite

Such massively complex DNNs come under the range of Deeplite to incorporate deep learning and AI solutions on mobile and low-cost devices. They have uniquely developed this high performing technology to be affordable, allowing businesses to use them in various devices. They have made a significant contribution to each of the above mentioned areas.

Accepting the Challenge and Increasing Exposure at CompuTEX Taipei

Both of these startups will be exhibiting at CompuTEX Taipei this month. Both companies will be presenting themselves as viable options for Artificial Neural Networks and Real-Time Data for deep learning applications. Of special interest will be the IoT applications processed by PowerArena and their deep learning capabilities.

Both of these innovative startups have made significant contributions to the area of deep learning applications through their artificial neural network. They have enabled huge amounts of real-time data to be optimized for daily use. The sheer number of products and applications impacted by this Big Data industry shows the extent of the impact that these two companies will have on the industry. The daily use will be evident as more people all over the world begin to use items that implement the technologies developed by these companies.

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