[IT Startup News] Unabiz Enables IoT Services With a Global Focus

Chien Lee
May 21, 2019

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Unabiz presents its own solutions and those from across the world to provide improved IoT projects.

Parallel Player for InnoVEX 2019

Providing seamless connectivity for IoT devices, Unabiz is the first to be a licensed IoT operator that has teamed up with Sigfox Network as the official operator in Singapore and Taiwan. This tieup brings various opportunities and important exposure to Unabiz.

Unabiz will be exhibiting this month at InnoVEX Taipei to present itself as the premier option for IoT projects especially significant for Asian markets. They’re ready to compete along with numerous startups at the InnoVEX 2019 which will present 467 startups from 24 different countries.

Significance and Funding

As a startup, Unabiz has done well to attract sufficient funding to give it the backup to make the necessary impact in their industry. They have raised over US$10 million during a Series A funding effort. This was prompted by the decentralized energy firm ENGIE and also by the Japanese telecommunications company, KDDI.

Both agencies have seen their investments as a prominent step in the right direction. Such significant funding not only enables them to proceed with boldness but also presents them as a viable option for future investors and customers.

Products for Life

Unabiz presents solutions that are compatible with versatile IoT projects that are quite varied and creative. These include Air Pollution Meters, Home Automation, Wireless Video Surveillance Robots, IoT based Smart Cameras, Smart Garage Doors and other significant devices that look to connect seamlessly. These low power connections enable these devices to communicate over their networks for the best possible outcomes.

The global operator Sigfox network began its operations in France with a focus on building quality wireless networks that enable low-power IoT devices. These devices require continuous connectivity constantly emitting small packets of data. As Unabiz partners with Sigfox to provide the connection for these devices in Singapore and Taiwan, an entirely new phase of device connectivity has emerged for Asia and across the globe.

With such significant IoT projects, Unabiz is at the forefront of this new age of connected devices. These devices and their connections have already begun to make an impact on the world as we know it. The tie-up with Sigfox puts Unabiz in a unique position to impact the fast growing market in Asia. Previously, the Internet had a huge impact on computers, mobile phones, and other computing devices. But now, the Internet has begun to connect more and more of the products we use on a daily basis. In time, this will lead to a broad and fuller connection of our entire lives.

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