Video Surveillance Enhanced by AI Security

Anthony Mosavi
February 24, 2020

Video surveillance has increased across the globe and at various levels of society. The surveillance extends from home use to high-level government and military use. This elaborate expansion comes with implications that are complicated and controversial. 

A new startup launched in October 2014 called ioNetworks is making an impact in this process to make high-end systems smarter, reduce criminal activities in cities, and create innovative business opportunities for governments and the private sector. They do all this while helping their clients save and earn money. 

Surveilled cities on the rise

While privacy concerns are raised, many benefits, like safety, are gained with a growing number of cities across the globe increasing their video surveillance by installing wired and wireless security cameras. Tech research website “Comparitech” reports on cities that have the most surveillance. Its study reveals some crucial elements that are important to the business model of ioNetworks and how this startup can have an ongoing global impact. 

Eight of the top ten most surveilled cities in the world are in China. The top three most surveilled cities in the United States are Atlanta, Chicago, and Washington DC. The study done by Comparitech ranks by the number of cameras per 1,000 people in each city. These cities have installed security cameras for various purposes, primarily for safety surveillance through video analytics. 

The top city on Comparitech’s list was Chongqing in China with 2,579,890 cameras per 15,354,067 people which is 168.03 coverage for every 1,000 people. This shows the high priority the city gives to surveillance through video analytics. In contrast to Chongqing, Atlanta in the United States has 7,800 cameras per 501,178 people, which is 15.56 cameras per 1,000 people. Countries that put a high value on video surveillance prove to be strategic business opportunities for ioNetworks’ growth. 

Productive solutions

ioNetworks uses powerful artificial intelligence (AI) and big data to provide a more efficient use of the video captured by its cameras. The startup does this with a higher level of analytics upgraded to make old high-end systems smarter and to help enterprises be financially efficient and profitable. ioNetworks’ systems will help decrease criminal activity in top-level cities. They will also provide business opportunities for governments and various companies.   

ioNetworks has developed its technology by incorporating several factors that impact overall efficiency. Due to an increasing number of cameras installed in buildings and various public places, the amount of data is ever increasing.

Within two years of its launch, ioNetworks was active in the top three Taiwan and overseas system integrations with distributors deployed in Thai Airlines. Its video analytics have also fared well in top automobile factories, telecoms, national banks, intelligent factories, and government units and public transportation systems in Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Dubai, Oman, and Kuwait. 

Also within that time, ioNetworks began offering AI security for CCTVs on cloud services to local telecoms in several countries, providing rental services of video, video analytics, point of sale, and access control. The startup also became the official partner for Intel’s Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in 2016. During that year, ioNetworks was recognized as the top 10 startups of the year at the Golden Torch Award. Its most recent honor was the System Integration Award at the 2018 Smart City Summit and Expo (SCSE) for their AI surveillance. 

Exhibiting at SXSW

In March 2020, ioNetworks will be exhibiting at the South by Southwest conference and festivals in Austin, Texas. It looks forward to displaying its technology for casino behavior analytics, crowd monitoring, and numerous other related industries. Large crowds pose a potentially severe security threat to the promoters of these events. ioNetworks seeks to help them with their live video analytics to detect and intercept any security issues before they unfold. 

There is no doubt that ioNetworks is strategically positioned to surge forward as a viable option to partners and investors alike. Its use of big data and AI security has already placed them in good company with leading brands across the globe. As society progresses quickly, video analytics becomes a prime component in safety and numerous other practical applications. ioNetworks is now poised to take the next step as a resource for businesses and governments. 

Note: SXSW has officially announced that it will cancel its 2020 edition due to concerns around coronavirus.

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