Wireless Communication Module Supplier Leaves Mark in 2019 Special Olympics

SparkAmpLab Editorial Team
May 3, 2019

LITE-ON Technology Corporation proves unmatched expertise in development and deployment of IoT applications for person tracking.

IoT Technology in a Name Tag

With person tracking becoming an increasingly pressing issue in large events, which often vary from a few days to several weeks, there is now finally a smart and cost-effective solution.

LITE-ON Technology Corporation’s IoT technology is available in the size of a light and portable credit card, which can cleverly be used in form of a name tag or badge.

Person tracker used during Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019

Rather than integrating mainstream 3G/4G technology, the person tracker integrates with Sigfox’s 0G technology and uses as little power as possible. Throughout the Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019, the module proved to be a highly cost-effective alternative to 3G/4G wireless communication person tracking.

The innovative person tracker uses a mix of WiFi AP for wireless communication within a 50-metre range and Sigfox base stations for wireless communication within a 15-kilometre spread.

Unlike GPS, LITE-ON’s IoT solution is not only great for urban areas but seamlessly works indoors as long as there is Wi-Fi. Apart from person tracking, other applications include asset tracking, indoor events and exhibitions, and amusement parks.  

How LITE-ON Technology Corporation Safeguarded 10,000 Special Olympics Athletes

In early March this year, Sigfox IoT Agency partnered up with LITE-ON Technology Corporation to roll out a person tracking wireless communication solution which effectively protected the 10,000 athletes and delegates who had opted for the Safety and Security scheme throughout the Special Olympics.

Photo credit: Special Olympics Chinese Taipei

The honor went to LITE-ON Technology Corporation as they have a proven track record in terms of an exceptional R&D team, outstanding automated production equipment and global logistics management expertise which has put them at the forefront as the wireless communication supplier of choice for many world renowned companies.

In just under 3 months, LITE-ON Technology Corporation developed, produced, certified and delivered 10,000 devices that ran on Sigfox’s 0G network – complete with 4-month battery life for uninterrupted wireless communication services throughout the duration of the week-long event.

The following statistics are certainly noteworthy:

  • 530 – average number of messages sent by the device
  • 9,253 – number of devices activated
  • 20 minutes – average time taken to locate a lost athlete
  • 8,023 – number of devices distributed
  • 5 – number of athletes lost but found immediately
  • 4,255,620 – total number of messages received during the event  


LITE-ON's Smart Life and Applications Business Group has pivoted itself toward the vision of connected life. Its wireless communication modules have been seen in laptops, game consoles, TVs, sound box and more new applications.

As of late, the optoelectronics and key electronic components giant has been investing most of its creative muscle into cultivating wireless communication technology for development and deployment of IoT applications.

As the global technology industry continues to embrace a new wave of changes with open arms, LITE-ON Technology Corporation plans to leverage its expertise as a word-class enterprise to become “the” go-to partner for those seeking innovative applications for smart technologies. Given the industry benchmarks they’ve set when it comes to demonstrating unmatched capabilities in researching and manufacturing exceptional hardware and software technology products, including IoT applications, it’s easy to understand why.

Leading the Way in IoT Innovation

With LITE-ON Technology Corporation at the forefront of R&D and manufacturing expertise in the IoT sector, more application possibilities and room for further innovation are near-limitless. Imagine automotive electronics, cloud computing, LED lighting, consumer electronics, computers, communications, healthcare and industrial automation – all powered by IoT to boost resource utilization, profitability, production and efficiency.

In Closing

IoT has so many exciting applications, and now you can add person tracker to the list. LITE-ON Technology Corporation is at the forefront given their capability for producing exceptional IoT solutions, which will inevitably improve shareholder returns, pave the way for sound governance and a more sustainable century enterprise.

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