Top Pick Startups for WiSE24 by SparkAmplify

SparkAmpLab Editorial Team
June 18, 2020
Come join us at WiSE24, one of the world's largest online pitch events for women entrepreneurs on June 18 (Asia June 19).

This year, WiSE24 comes back with an even more impressive lineup of speakers and pitch contestants, including Reid Hoffman, Co-Founder of LinkedIn and Partner at Greylock Ventures, and Audrey Tang, Digital Minister of Taiwan.

The event, hosted by Women's Startup Lab (WSLab), will take place over 24 hours and livestream startup pitches from 50 early-stage, women-led ventures in 10 regions around the world, including San Francisco, New York, Taipei, Tokyo, Seoul, Vietnam, São Paulo and Ukraine.

Based on SparkAmplify’s Social Proof Index (SP Index), we've identified some of the top trending startups showcasing at WiSE24 by categories.

Top 9 Categories of WiSE24 2020:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Software
  • Sustainability
  • Health Care
  • Transportation
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Gaming and Entertainment
  • Community and Travel
  • Agriculture and Farming

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Top startups by category:

Artificial Intelligence

1. (Ukraine)

Sport.svision has developed an AI-powered system that helps increase sport achievements of a football team.

2. Pluto (USA)

Pluto is a text-based social assistant to help you manage relationships you care about and be more intentional with the people in your life.

3. Humaxa (USA)

Humaxa develops an employee engagement AI assistant for mid-sized tech-enabled companies.


1. PopCom (USA)

PopCom is an automated retail technology company with a hardware and software solution for self-service retail.

2. Devcurate (Thailand)

Devcurate is the next generation career platform dedicated to the global impact sectors.

3. Warmintro (USA)

Warmintro is the solution for anyone running or growing a connected community by hosting private and engaging online communities.

4. Monuv (Brazil)

Monuv is a Brazilian technology company, bringing a cloud recording solution for security videos.


1. Effa (Ukraine)

Eco toothbrush made of paper and eco-clean materials.

2. Sustalytics (USA)

Sustalytics is a platform that creates a bridge between fashion brands and consumers to test product designs before producing.

3. Mosquito Control Ltd. (Ukraine)

SEMCS is a smart eco-friendly mosquito control system that creates mosquito-free ecosystem around people's habitant outdoors.

4. Zikooin Company (South Korea)

Zikooin Company is a sustainable food technology business which produces plant-based meat with zero production waste.

Health Care

1. Pandia Health (USA)

Pandia Health is on a mission to make women’s lives easier by bringing birth control to women wherever they have internet and a mailbox.

2. Rx Interactive, Inc. (USA)

Rx Interactive uses gamification technology to make patient education engaging.

3. myAir (Israel)

Mindful nutrition is the key to relief stress & anxiety.


1. NFT Inc (Japan)

ASKA™ is the first viable Drive & Fly eVTOL (electric Vertical TakeOff and Landing) vehicle that can both drive on the road and fly autonomously in the sky.

2. Go To-U (USA)

Go To-U is the first digital experience platform for e-mobility by bringing seamless EV charging experience with comfort, confidence and simplicity.

3. Kraus Aerospace (USA)

Kraus Aerospace presents aerial technologies that save lives.

Sales and Marketing

1. Birdie (USA)

Birdie helps consumer brands increase conversion with real-time product insights built from semantic analysis of consumer & expert reviews.

2. Attention Insight (Germany)

Attention Insight boosts your campaign performance with pre-launch design analytics.

Gaming and Entertainment

1. GamerSafer (USA)

GamerSafer is the first technology that enables gaming companies to prevent child exploitation and disruptive behavior.

2. Glimpsy (Brazil)

Glimpsy believes that being stuck to a canvas is a thing of the past and that there should be no limits to creation.

Community and Travel

1. LucidWeb (Belgium)

LucidWeb's mission is to democratize VR discovery by building interactive, device-agnostic VR experiences, no download required.

2. Tubudd (Vietnam)

Tubudd is an online travel platform connecting and showcasing local buddies to travelers all around the world.

3. Prontopia (USA)

Prontopia provides friendly in-person help from pre-vetted local assistants in city centers in Italy, Spain and the U.S.

Agriculture and Farming

1. Blueseeds (Taiwan)

Bluseeds is a producer of 100% environmentally friendly household products.

2. Airtree Inc. (Taiwan)

AirTree Inc. is committed to aerial farming, a smart farming method for planting fruits and vegetables in a vertical way of air and mist environment.

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