WOWWOW Lab Brings a Unique Twist to AR/VR Indie Games

Anthony Mosavi
February 24, 2020

When most developers who create games focus on providing an enhanced visual experience, Wowwow Lab stands out with exhilarating fun using the latest AR/VR technology within their indie games. 

Indie games began experiencing a boost in the early 2000s with the rise of distribution online. Before that, distribution was limited to word-of-mouth promotion and ShareWare. Thus, indie games had fewer chances of making it big. They stayed quite small with limited exposure. This kept their possibilities for expansion at a minimum. 

But with the enhanced distribution possibilities offered by the Internet, independent game developers are more equipped to develop and promote their craft. Such small developers have made indie games known for innovation, creativity, and artistic experimentation. WOWWOW Lab has taken this opportunity to explore new possibilities with the latest gaming technology. But they have inserted the special element of fun that is missing in much of the triple-A video games.  


Due to its unique focus and technology, WOWWOW Lab’s Virtual Reality game “TAG WAR” has received a nomination for the Best VR Game in the Taipei Game Show in 2019. It’s also been nominated for the Indie Prize for independent games at the Tokyo Game Show from Famitsu, one of Japan's largest gaming magazines. 

The startup created a customized AR tourist software for the Shei-Pa National Park. It built this tourist app to help people experience the virtual forest with the help of cute, hand-painted animals. The paintings are quite accurate with even the minute differences between males and females visible. 

These are important accolades for WOWWOW Labs and shows the possibilities for expansion based on the responses of people in the industry. 

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BarCode Battle with TAG WAR

One of the benefits of being an indie game developer is that you get to innovate and experiment with crazy and interesting ideas. WOWWOW Lab has gone back to the exciting and fun times of childhood to create a game that is engaging and interesting. The fun of playing hide-and-seek with friends and siblings in supermarkets can be an exhilarating and memorable experience for children. Actually, it's often a time of exploration and learning along with loads of fun. 

In the game, players enjoy “driving” the shopping carts within the store. This is especially fun when you are sent to the store by yourself to purchase an item. Then you don’t have parents on your back all the time telling you that the shopping carts are not for you to “drive” around. But what else could they be for? So, WOWWOW Lab has incorporated the VIVE controller to look like a barcode scanning machine and brings in a multiplayer functionality to the game. This game does not use AR overlay with the player’s environment, but is played entirely on the screen with multiple players. The setting can alternate between a supermarket, conveyor belt sushi, or a CHUBBY pinball, according to the selection of the player. 

The focus is on the fun of playing in the VR world and WOWWOW Lab has reproduced the inspiration of playing the game of “ghost catching people” from childhood imagination. The players become customizable AR animals of various types roaming through the supermarket. The game mode is based on the aspect of “intuition” within the VR games and makes it easy for children and even for adults to get started. In a short period of time, as more and more barcodes are scanned, the party with the highest amount of consumption will win.


The entire team at WOWWOW Lab describes itself as a group of game-loving maniacs. These “maniacs” love games and think that games ought to be simple and fun. Their ideas of games have always been inspired by people, things, or places in daily life. They affirm that games created with these elements will bring back the joyful memories of playing video games for the first time. And of course, VR is the best media to achieve these goals. 

In March 2020, WOWWOW Lab will be exhibiting at the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference and festivals in Austin, Texas. The startup looks forward to displaying its indie games that work excellent as tag games. The company has exhibited at various settings in various countries, and it looks forward to a productive time of connection and display of its fun products. 

Clearly, WOWWOW Lab is strategically positioned to attract attention from game enthusiasts and investors alike. Its use of the latest gaming technology with the exciting element of fun will certainly have heads turning to its products. There is no doubt that this innovative gaming team is destined for expansion. 

Note: SXSW has officially announced that it will cancel its 2020 edition due to concerns around coronavirus.

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