ZeusX: An All-Inclusive Digital Marketplace for Gamers

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May 26, 2020

As Coronavirus continues its spread across the world, people are increasingly turning to gaming for a reliable and constant source of entertainment during lockdowns. Revenues are actually going up for many gaming companies and platforms while Covid-19 accelerating existing trends within the gaming industry, said the World Economic Forum.

The gaming industry, recognizing the fact that at a time like this gaming can actually have a positive influence on people, has started giving away donations, free game purchases, and other perks to gamers. ZeusX, a rising gaming platform, is also doing its bit by waiving off all sales fees on its platform till the end of June 2020. 

A simple marketplace to allow users to buy and trade gaming assets can not only be a profitable venture in itself but promotes a healthy and affordable gaming experience for all. ZeusX, also known as Zeus eXchange, is one such platform where gaming assets can be bought and purchased among gamers, allowing them to improve their gaming experience and make money in the process. 

Such generous gestures from digital gaming marketplaces like ZeusX have several benefits: one, users are going to recognize the token of gratitude and stay loyal to the platform; two, new users are going to sign up and utilize the marketplace for making some quick and easy money during home quarantine and lockdowns. 

ZeusX: Level up your game

Founded in July 2019, ZeusX is the brainchild of an expert industry veteran who sought to make a digital platform wherein every gamer had a chance to monetize their gaming. For a long time now, monetizing gaming was a possibility for only the top gamers. Average joes hardly made any money by means of gaming. But times have changed. 

By and by, gaming is being embraced as a lifestyle with even more and more passionate gamers pursuing a career in gaming. Recognizing this shift in the market, founder Alex Tay developed a digital marketplace where gamers could do two things they always wanted to: Find joy in shopping for gaming assets they loved and earn money through their gaming lifestyle. 

“We want to create a better life for gamers everywhere, from making a good living from our passion to finding gaming stuff that brings us joy,” said Tay, founder and CEO of ZeusX. 

Image courtesy of ZeusX

Moving deeper, it is worth noting that mobile gaming has also become increasingly relevant. From a time where only expensive PC or console owners could enjoy a good gaming experience to a time where anyone with a decent smartphone can enjoy a top-class gaming experience, things have taken an exciting turn. ZeusX seems to have recognized this shift too, as the company is increasingly specializing its marketplace to support the thriving mobile gaming ecosystem. 

The key differentiating factor of ZeusX is best encapsulated in the founder’s very own words: “ZeusX is not just for eSports athletes or gamers seeking to enter professional arenas, but for anyone and everyone who games as part of their day-to-day lives”. 

Image courtesy of ZeusX

Selling and trading gaming assets on ZeusX is as simple as it can get. Users start by registering for a free account on the platform. Then click “Create New Offer” to start filling the listing info for the offer. For payment, some merchant options currently available on the platform include PayPal, Payoneer, and Singapore-based bank account transfer. Coming to the actual sale part, each time a user wants to buy a listing, a push notification is sent to the seller and depending on shipping options, the assets can be delivered to the buyer accordingly.

All-in-all, ZeusX’s standout advantage is the fact that it’s offering a professionally managed platform that not only supports all trending games but also aims to become the premier marketplace for gaming gigs, eSports, and mobile games. 

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Current updates

Although ZeusX has reached immense growth and popularity in a short time, the company is still in its nascent stages. After securing pre-seed funding of nearly half a million dollars in 2019, ZeusX has released its digital platform in early 2020. Much like any other e-commerce platform such as Amazon, ZeusX too generates revenue by charging a percentage of the transactions surrounding gaming assets and other services on the platform. 

Based on recent estimates, the gaming industry is going to be generating more than $160 billion, with a 7% increase than the previous year. As mentioned earlier, the strict lockdown and quarantine measures across the world may end up making people more used to gaming, shaping it as a preferred form of entertainment for a time to come. 

With a strong trend suggesting that people are going to turn towards gaming increasingly in the coming days, digital marketplaces such as ZeusX are going to end up racking more users and earning solid profits for their investors in the long run.

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