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Is The Dream of Smartphone VR Over Now?

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Over the last year or so Google has been slowly winding down its involvement in virtual reality (VR). 2019 saw the company halt sales of its mobile-based Daydream View headset and now it’s officially confirmed the platform won’t be supported by Android 11. This official end of support comes four years after the mobile-powered Daydream View VR headset launched, but it is really the final nail in the coffin.

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Google has officially put an end to its VR ambitions, announcing that it has ended support for Daydream VR software, and as of Android 11, its mobile OS is not guaranteed to work with the headset.

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Google Daydream VR service is officially dead and Google has finally confirmed that via its official support page.

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Over the last year or so Google has been slowly winding down its involvement in virtual reality (VR). Once standalone headsets started arriving with inside-out tracking and 6 degree-of-freedom (6DoF) controls that signed the death knell for smartphone VR.
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The writing on the wall has been there since last year so it was really only a matter of time before Android officially dropped support for Google’s remaining VR platform and with it goes the last remaining bastion of smartphone-powered VR headsets.

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Our last mention of Daydream was almost half a year ago. We haven’t heard anything related to Google in recent months until this weekend when a Daydream service update has been shared by the Google Daydream team. Google announced that they are no longer supporting the Daydream VR software.